Physical Education

Yesterday we had PE with our co-op.  It was fun, and the kids had a blast.  We got to the park, did some stretching, practiced our pushups, and ran a lap around the tennis court.  Then the little guys (8 & under) played kick the ball while the older kids played games on the other side of the field.

After a little soccer, the younger set ran off to play on the playground.  My three had a great time.  GeekBoy recruited a few of the other boys onto his super spy team.  Lil’Chicano had a blast going down the slides and thePinkDiva was not happy until she got on the swing.

It was fun.

The Experiement that almost wasn’t.

After our fun-filled day at the dealership, GeekBoy wanted to do his electricity experiment. So Dad and GeekBoy gathered all the supplies after the other two went to sleep. They set the whole thing up just the way the book said, but it didn’t work! After trying several configurations, Dad figured out that the bulb we were using was to large of a wattage for the battery to light. Mom googled a new way to hook the bulb out, and Dad found a flashlight bulb. and presto! Electricity!

Electricity Experiment

Close up of lit bulb

The Not-At-Home School Day

Yesterday, we took school with us to the dealership. Dad’s car needed some work done, so we packed it up and headed out. Math was done on a table in the waiting room at the dealership. We took turns reading books, meaning Geekboy read one, and Mommy read one book each for thePinkDiva and Lil’Chicano. Then we walked around and checked out the garage through the window… then they found the playroom.They played nicely for a while. Then the room got stuffy and we went for a walk around the parking lot to check out all the pretty new cars. We talked about how a ramp is a simple machine. Then, upon seeing a pumpkin orange GT, GeekBoy said, “Eww! That’s not a good color!” I concur.

When we got back to the service area, the car was ready! Only… it really wasn’t, and the nice lady put Ice Age on in the theater – yes. there was a theater. About 20-30 minutes before the movie was over, I was told the car was ready. S, after promising to borrow the flick from Gramma, we headed home.

at the dealership

Field Trip Friday: Beach Edition

Day started off good. thePinkDiva was up at 7am, and did her math. She aced her Cumulative review of Chapters 1 -3!!! I mean aced it! Awesome!!! Next week we start learning how to write our numbers… oooo! Should be fun. Then the kids helped me get us ready for the beach. During the drive, we discussed the 2 rules of the beach. #1 – do not go in the ocean without mommy. #2 – Come to mommy right away when she calls.

Took us about 45 minutes to get there… the beach is great, and is sooo the place to hang out next summer. We set out blanket out… and really, I’m not sure why I brought it… I think it was to catch sand, because once GeekBoy saw the waves he about did a backflip begging to go in. and Lil’Chicano, of course, wanted to follow… so down to the water we went. And that was about all the action the blanket saw the rest of the two hours we were there. The next two hours were spent shouting instructions to GeekBoy, and teaching him to never ever turn his back on the sea. (something my Uncle taught me the first summer I visited his beach house and knocked over by a wave.) Then helping thePinkDiva over her intial fear of the water… she was cool with it till one wave surprised her and knocked her over… after that she mostly played tag with the waves – because another little girl introduced her to the game while I was busy corralling Lil’Chicano…

The boy has no fear. None. He ran straight into the water at full steam and did not care that it would knock him back. I had to stick to him like white on rice because he literally did not stop. So I spent most of the time helping him jump the waves. Toward the end, my arms got really sore, and I convinced him to play tag with the waves with his sister. But I had to watch him super close.

Finally, after the group photo, I talked the kids into leaving to get burgers (since it was 1pm and they hadn’t touched the sandwhiches, which had pretty much cooked in the sun)… so we left… On the way out, I said goodbye to P. – the leader, and C. – the woman who organized the trip (she has like 7 kids now and has homeschooled all of them!) C. informed I had the “most spectacular bucket catch” she had ever seen.

See… early on, The kids had taken their buckets down to the water to gather water to wet sand to build a sandcastle (they never did really, but whatever)… GeekBoy had wandered about 3-5 yards down the beach… but he lost the bucket in the water. He tried to get it back, but the waves pulled it out of his reach. I saw it just as the waves snatched away from him… I grabbed Lil’Chicano and thePinkDiva out of the waves, and stood them up, out of the reach of the water, and told them, “Don’t Move.” tPD grabbed Lil’Chicano’s hand and held on. (Sometimes the “Mommy” in her works to my advantage.) GeekBoy was running back to get me and I hollered for him to stand with his brother… then I sprinted down the beach (good thing the wet sand is packed well) and jumped into the water just in time to grab the bucket before it got swept too far out. Then dumped the water and sprinted back, just in case Lil’Chicano broke loose and headed for the sea again. But I need not worry. The kids were awesome and stood right where I told them and didn’t move. How totally awesome!

I can not stress enough that it was only possible because we have taught these kids to OBEY. If I had known that they would not stay where I put them, I would have had to chalk it up as an Oh well! and lose the bucket to the sea. As it was, I am still unsure about the little guy. He obeys very well, I wasn’t worried that he wouldn’t stay put. But I was concerned that excitement over the ocean and the waves would take over and he wouldn’t stay put long.

Then we left, got some burgers, and went home to wash the sand off. The little guy wasn’t too bad, cuz I had to dust him off to get a diaper on him before we left the beach. thePinkDiva wasn’t so bad either, seeing how she pretty much stayed out of the water. But GeekBoy. I swear, GeekBoy’s suit looked like he had crapped sand. Ick. He was sooo full of sand, it must have been a painful ride home!

All in all. It was great fun. I have a few pictures.. but it’s late. I’ll have to dl them tomorrow.

I don’t feel so bad about it now…

I always feel a twinge of guilt when I wind up copping out and popping in a DVD for the kids. Then I saw this story on the FoxNews website. Now admittedly, my first response was what the?? Aren’t they taking Sex Ed a little too far these days?  But after reading the whole article, and learning that the school computer was hacked, resulting in the inappropriate film, I thought… Wait a second… Why are they showing a Star Wars movie, in school, already? Isn’t it like, only the second week or something?  What?

And for real…  Star Wars?  I mean, I love the movie too, and nothing gets GeekBoy to sit still for 2 hours like any of the Star Wars (We only let him watch ep. 1, 4, 5, &6.  2 only if the little ones are asleep, and 3 is way to “dark” for a 6 yr old.  He’ll get to watch that when he’s maybe 9 or even 12).  But this is a school we’re talking about.  Star Wars?  Shouldn’t it be like a Discovery Channel flick or something else remotely educational?  Star Wars?  Seriously?  This is what my tax dollars are paying for?

Makes me feel so much better about the times I give in and let them watch movies.

let the experiments begin

So today was off to rough start…  but we pulled together and thePinkDiva and Geekboy each did some math this morning.  Then this afternoon they decided they wanted to read the science books mom found at the library.  So PinkDiva learned about the 5 senses, and Geekboy read about Simple Machines and Electricity (both topics go along with what we’re learning in Lego League).  Geekboy found a bunch of cool experiments in his books, so tomorrow, after the beach field trip we’ll hit the Walmart and get what we need to start ‘xperimentin’.  *S*  should be fun!

Oh yea, and we got in some PE today when we played tag and hide n seek in the front yard after dinner.  *S*  Good times.

They’re like movies, but with words…

We start our day at 730am. thePinkDiva loves to wake up early in the morning when I would really rather sleep in. But somehow this nightowl gave birth to not one, but two morning people. At least the little one likes to sleep in! I digress.

thePinkDiva rocked her math, and finally seemed to get the whole “Tally” thing which was good, because I’m not sure I could think of any more ways to explain it. I’m sure the M&Ms we used didn’t hurt.

GeekBoy woke up just as we were wrapping up tPD’s lesson, and practiced his handwriting. He wrote me a letter to inform me that he was angry that he did not have any m&ms. So of course he got a few before breakfast too.

Lil’Chicano woke up just as the older two were breaking out the bus donuts, aka entenmanns popems. Great timing kid! He practiced counting as he counted out 5 donuts for himself. Then he ate 2, grabbed 3 more, took a bite out of two more, and asked to be excused.

GeekBoy watered the grass seed in the back yard. Then he watered his little brother. Then, after a new set of clothes for the little guy, it was off to the library.

The library is an almost weekly trip. Normally we do this on Monday. Thanks to Lego League meeting, this week’s trip was postponed. It never ceases to amaze me at how many books they find that they absolutely must take home. Every week the amount we take home grows, and yet we are usually done with them all by the following Monday.
Today’s library books

It’s a sight to make a momma’s heart swell with pride. This week’s total is 18. In all honesty, two of those are Mom’s wedding photography books… but since GeekBoy is doing the wedding photography with me, technically, they count since I’m teaching him a crash course in photography and all.

We’ve already read 6 of them. and they’ve only been in the house since noon (it’s 745pm now). We’ve also read 2 other books that we own. So that brings the total to 8 books read, in the last 8 hours. Wow. We do ALOT of reading in this house. And that’s a very good thing.

“Mom! She’s almost as tall as me!”

Self Portraits

Today, We began with our first lesson from the Alpha & Omega Grade 1 history curriculum. Pretty much at this level it’s all about how special every one is. Really it’s more “social studies” then “History” but whatever. History was blocking me up, and I like A&O’s Biblical driven curriculum. Anyway, we talked about how we are all special and God loves everyone. Then we made life sized self portraits, which I think qualifies as art also. *S*

Then thePinkDiva learned about equal while GeekBoy actually sat and did a few Math worksheets – I know! Bizarre! Someone check to see if the world is still spinning. *S* GeekBoy and I actually discussed some addition strategies when adding the number 9. And I illustrated to him why he has to learn Addition before he can learn multiplication.

We also read some books before bed time.

Legos have gotten way to cool

Today was the opening meeting of GeekBoy’s Lego League.  Now that we have the challenge in hand, lets get to rolling!   The boys came over, and for about an hour, the kids just ran crazy and had a blast playing games and what not back in GeekBoy’s room while the moms enjoyed a bit of adult conversation for a change.

Then we discussed the challenge, and really…  I’m not sure what we were expecting, but this doesn’t seem to be it.   We pretty much decided to just let the boys build things with the kit instead of worry about doing the challenge.  Especially since the challenge is kind of baffling to me.  The boys are supposed to look around the room, pick a source of energy, do research about it,  and then build a model, using at least one simple machine and a moving part, that shows how the energy is generated.  Huh? I don’t get it.  Whatever, GeekBoy and a friend put together a sail car, which the other mom pointed out was powered by wind energy.  The third boy put together a car also.  Then everyone went home, and I crashed.  Hard.

But after I woke up,  GeekBoy wanted to test out the motor, so we put something together, and tried it out, and it worked pretty kuel.  All three of the kids are revved up, so excited to meet up with their new friends and play more legos.

Alphabet Breakthrough

So, since we started in July, thePinkDiva has had trouble recognizing her letters of the alphabet.  But we took a few days off, and really, I am not pushing her on this stuff.  She’s only 4!  only 4!

So today, I pulled out the letter magnets, and jumbled them up.  Then I had thePinkDiva sort them out and put them back in order.  She did it!  She recognized all her letters!  w00t! w00t!  WTG girlie girl!