It’s all strategic.

Thursday we learned about eyeballs.  We read about the part of an eye, filled in a diagram.  Discussed what an Optometrist is and what he does.

It was a strategic move on my part, because Friday we visited the Optometrist’s office because GeekBoy had an appointment.  Turns out he wasn’t faking when he said he couldn’t read the Bible I gave him.  He’s mildly farsighted.  But we had a fun time at the optometrist office.  Geekboy got to check out a model of an eyeball.  It was cool!

Science and a field trip all wrapped up in a regular doctor appointment.  Awesome.  Just proves that teachable moments are everywhere.  The trick is learning to recognize them.

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  1. What a delightful blog! Sounds like a blast in your school! Being in the same area, you are being added to my favorite local blogs. I also agree with you on Tancredo. I’m right with you, sister! Sigh…I only wish he had a snowball’s chance in hell.

    Take care,
    Leslie (aka, Lelani) in VB

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