He’ll never forget the Parts of Speech now.

Check this out!!

Parts of Speech poster

What you may not be able to see, is that each definition is on a separate piece of poster board, approx. 2 1/2 inches tall.  They are affixed to the main poster board with velcro.  This means, I can take them down, and shuffle them around.  Then Geek Boy’s challenge is to check the poster throughout the day, and correct it if it’s wrong.

GeekBoy fixing the poster

He’s been singing SchoolHouse Rocks Grammar Rock songs for two days now. His fav is”Unpack my adjectives” followed closely by “Conjunction Junction”.  Who said you can’t learn anything from TV?  *S*

The poster has been a big hit.  Even the little two are getting into the act.  ThePinkDiva pointed out the morning that the “U” (in the word Used) was next to the “N” (in the word Noun) and that it wasn’t right! So GeekBoy jumped up and fixed the poster to be right.

It’s fun.  Since he never knows when the poster will be wrong, it throws a bit of intrigue into learning the Parts of Speech.

Just for fun, here’s the two favorite Schoolhouse Rocks songs.  Enjoy!

GeekBoy vs the Volcano

So, volcanoes are always a topic of interest around here, probably stemming from the time we spent living on the side of one.  Not that any of our children are old enough to remember that time, but they see pictures, hear stories, and every so often, GeekBoy starts reading books about volcanoes.  So today, after reading through a few library books about volcanoes, we built our own Baking Soda Volcano.

We used the directions found at About.com.  GeekBoy helped mix the salt dough for the cone, but he chickened out of shaping it once he discovered how sticky salt dough is.  But he was right there adding the baking soda and vinegar.  It was fun!

*The video is a stop motion type thing, made with a series of high-speed continuous shot photos.  Sound effects came from Simplythebest.net.

Then our movie from Netflix arrived, as if on cue, and we watched Pompeii:  The Last Day.  Then GeekBoy closed off the day by building different volcanoes online at Discovery’s Virtual Volcano game.

Where do you Homeschool?


Yup.   Well, ok, we don’t actually travel the globe, though that would be awesome.  But since “learning” isn’t confined to a table or a desk, anywhere we go can easily become “school.”  Some photographic examples:

The Kitchen Table

At a local church’s fellowship hall with our Co-op, or a local park once the weather warms up.

a field trip to a local museum/fort

the living room couch

the back yard

and of course, the computer desk.

Learning happens anywhere.  So “school” is anywhere my kids are.   So… where do you homeschool?  Join the fun at Heart of the Matter.

He’s getting the hang of it!

So, Aunt Nani sent GeekBoy some games.  We’ve been playing Roller Coaster Tycoon for the last few days.  It’s really alot of fun.  So far, GeekBoy has learned that bathrooms are essential to a good park, and that directions/tutorials can actually have a good bit of useful information in them if you just take the time to read through it.  He also learned that customers & employees don’t like to have to walk 3 days to get from one ride to another.  *S*

Learning never stops… even if the blogging of it does

It’s been a rough week.  Giants won the Super Bowl!  Plus my Carpal Tunnel flared up.  Badly.  Like I didn’t want to see a computer by the time last Thursday rolled around.  But, it’s been productive nevertheless.

GeekBoy has been working on his multiplication table.  I’ve got a chart up on the wall in the kitchen, and when he feels like it, we fill in another row.  He’s also started playing Hot Shot Business, and is totally rocking it.  He’s learning a lot about business, and marketing, and keeping up with demand.

thePinkDiva has been working on her math and practicing her reading.   Seriously, she drives me insane.  Since birth, she has been the one to just lay back, and let you do everything for her.  If there is a way to get you to do it for her, she will find it. It’s frustrating the heck out of me.  I’ve completely backed off the reading.  It’s not that she can’t do it.  It’s not that she doesn’t want to.  She really does want to, as evidenced by her constantly bringing it up.  And she can, because she knows the letter names and sounds, knows how to put them together.  Heck, she’s even writing already!  GeekBoy barely writes, preferring to draw, but tPD would rather write her name, over and over, and over.  I don’t want to just plop her down and say, figure it out and walk away, because, HELLO!!!  She’s only 4! (well, almost 5, but still!)  But she is frustrating me to no end!!!  AHHHH!  and worse, she thinks it’s hilarious to see mom so frustrated!  AHHHH!

But, we had fun at PE the other day, and we’ve been having a great time, getting out to enjoy the nice, 60 degree weather while we have it.