American Frontier Life

James P. Beckwourth, from a daguerreotype c. 1855

James P. Beckwourth, from a daguerreotype c. 1855

We finished Chapter 3 of the Heritage Studies 3 book.  I can’t post the test I made for this, because I wound up using one of BJU’s maps in the test, and therefore don’t have the permission to share.  Sorry.

Anyway, the first 2 lessons in Chapter 4 are about American Frontier life.  The book has a few pages about long hunters – Folks like Daniel Boone & Davy Crockett.  To satisfy my Diva, I reminded her that while the men were out on their long hunting trips, it was the women who were back at home, tending the garden/farm, caring for the kids, defending against Indian attacks, and so much more.  I also found a few resources about what women’s lives were like in the Frontier times.  Enjoy:

Dangerous Life of Frontier Women

Frontier Women of the American West

Also, we read the story of James Beckwourth, the African-American man who found a pass over the Rocky mountains.


The second day, we read a story about a little boy named Daniel Drake.  I’m not sure if the boy in the story in the book is supposed to be Dr. Daniel Drake, but it seems highly likely considering the Daniel in the book moved to Kentucky as a young boy.  However, neither the student text, nor the teacher’s text elaborates on Daniel Drake.

clothing.Par.51166.Image.-1.-1.1.gifTo accommodate my darling Diva, I found info about 1800’s clothing:

1800’s Women’s Clothing

Women’s Fashion in the 1800’s

1800’s Pioneer Dress Clothing for Women