Lessons at the dinner table

We had an impromptu Music Appreciation class last night at dinner.

I had music on in the back ground, and Skillet’s Comatose came on. GeekBoy said it sounded like it would give him nightmares. Well, the intro is kinda creepy because it’s really choppy violins & hardcore keyboard.  But we talked about the different instruments they were using, and listened more closely to the song to try to pick out the Violins, Keyboard, Drums, & Guitars.

Then we talked about the meaning of the song, and how it’s song about the singers relationship with God, and that he has drifted away and feels like without God he’s sleeping (comatose), and that he wants God nearby to help him “wake up” or deal with the stuff in his life. It was neat.

All Aboard!

We did a lapbook themed around the Grinch last week.  This week, Momma is going to work some things up surrounding the the Polar Express.  This is a bit more difficult for me, because, unlike the Grinch, I can’t find one (cheap enough) all laid out for me already.  So I’m making it up as I go along.  *S*

I found plenty of resources online with lots of Ideas, and I’m pooling it all together to make something my kids will enjoy.  We’ll read the book, chart a path to the north pole, help the conductor solve some math facts, learn about how the legend of Santa is different around the world, and write a letter to Santa.  Then we’ll draw what we’d see out the train window, pull some vocabulary words from the book, sing Christmas Carols while playing with bells, and end it all with a plate of sugar cookies and some hot chocolate while we watch the movie.

Should be fun!