They’re like movies, but with words…

We start our day at 730am. thePinkDiva loves to wake up early in the morning when I would really rather sleep in. But somehow this nightowl gave birth to not one, but two morning people. At least the little one likes to sleep in! I digress.

thePinkDiva rocked her math, and finally seemed to get the whole “Tally” thing which was good, because I’m not sure I could think of any more ways to explain it. I’m sure the M&Ms we used didn’t hurt.

GeekBoy woke up just as we were wrapping up tPD’s lesson, and practiced his handwriting. He wrote me a letter to inform me that he was angry that he did not have any m&ms. So of course he got a few before breakfast too.

Lil’Chicano woke up just as the older two were breaking out the bus donuts, aka entenmanns popems. Great timing kid! He practiced counting as he counted out 5 donuts for himself. Then he ate 2, grabbed 3 more, took a bite out of two more, and asked to be excused.

GeekBoy watered the grass seed in the back yard. Then he watered his little brother. Then, after a new set of clothes for the little guy, it was off to the library.

The library is an almost weekly trip. Normally we do this on Monday. Thanks to Lego League meeting, this week’s trip was postponed. It never ceases to amaze me at how many books they find that they absolutely must take home. Every week the amount we take home grows, and yet we are usually done with them all by the following Monday.
Today’s library books

It’s a sight to make a momma’s heart swell with pride. This week’s total is 18. In all honesty, two of those are Mom’s wedding photography books… but since GeekBoy is doing the wedding photography with me, technically, they count since I’m teaching him a crash course in photography and all.

We’ve already read 6 of them. and they’ve only been in the house since noon (it’s 745pm now). We’ve also read 2 other books that we own. So that brings the total to 8 books read, in the last 8 hours. Wow. We do ALOT of reading in this house. And that’s a very good thing.

“Mom! She’s almost as tall as me!”

Self Portraits

Today, We began with our first lesson from the Alpha & Omega Grade 1 history curriculum. Pretty much at this level it’s all about how special every one is. Really it’s more “social studies” then “History” but whatever. History was blocking me up, and I like A&O’s Biblical driven curriculum. Anyway, we talked about how we are all special and God loves everyone. Then we made life sized self portraits, which I think qualifies as art also. *S*

Then thePinkDiva learned about equal while GeekBoy actually sat and did a few Math worksheets – I know! Bizarre! Someone check to see if the world is still spinning. *S* GeekBoy and I actually discussed some addition strategies when adding the number 9. And I illustrated to him why he has to learn Addition before he can learn multiplication.

We also read some books before bed time.

Legos have gotten way to cool

Today was the opening meeting of GeekBoy’s Lego League.  Now that we have the challenge in hand, lets get to rolling!   The boys came over, and for about an hour, the kids just ran crazy and had a blast playing games and what not back in GeekBoy’s room while the moms enjoyed a bit of adult conversation for a change.

Then we discussed the challenge, and really…  I’m not sure what we were expecting, but this doesn’t seem to be it.   We pretty much decided to just let the boys build things with the kit instead of worry about doing the challenge.  Especially since the challenge is kind of baffling to me.  The boys are supposed to look around the room, pick a source of energy, do research about it,  and then build a model, using at least one simple machine and a moving part, that shows how the energy is generated.  Huh? I don’t get it.  Whatever, GeekBoy and a friend put together a sail car, which the other mom pointed out was powered by wind energy.  The third boy put together a car also.  Then everyone went home, and I crashed.  Hard.

But after I woke up,  GeekBoy wanted to test out the motor, so we put something together, and tried it out, and it worked pretty kuel.  All three of the kids are revved up, so excited to meet up with their new friends and play more legos.

Alphabet Breakthrough

So, since we started in July, thePinkDiva has had trouble recognizing her letters of the alphabet.  But we took a few days off, and really, I am not pushing her on this stuff.  She’s only 4!  only 4!

So today, I pulled out the letter magnets, and jumbled them up.  Then I had thePinkDiva sort them out and put them back in order.  She did it!  She recognized all her letters!  w00t! w00t!  WTG girlie girl!

Little by little…

inch by inch. It’s part of an old Patch the Pirate song I learned growing up.

Little by little,
Inch by inch.
By the yard it is hard,
By the inch what a cinch.
Never stare up the stairs
Just step up the steps!
Little by little.
Inch by inch.
It’s a cinch!

That’s how school is going. We’ve been working at it since July. A little here, a little there. So far, thePinkDiva has learned to tell her left from her right, and is now readily identifying most of the letter of the alphabet all on her own!

GeekBoy is showing that he hates the drudgery of math, and would much rather move on to something new. He figures he’s got this adding thing under control. Reality is, he needs work. By try telling him that when he’d much rather learn something fresh, like multiplication! Sorry dude. You need a good foundation in addition and subtraction before you can move on to multiplying.

My biggest roadblock has been History. but with the arrival of the A&O Grade 1 history books, hopefully we can have somewhere to start, not to mention figure out if we can work with A&O considering GeekBoy’s disdain for workbooks.

Meanwhile, Lil’Chicano now counts to 8 all by himself, and the best part… He’s potty training! all on his own. I will not rush him. There are days he wants a diaper, and days he wants his unner-wayers. Way to Go little man!