Legos have gotten way to cool

Today was the opening meeting of GeekBoy’s Lego League.  Now that we have the challenge in hand, lets get to rolling!   The boys came over, and for about an hour, the kids just ran crazy and had a blast playing games and what not back in GeekBoy’s room while the moms enjoyed a bit of adult conversation for a change.

Then we discussed the challenge, and really…  I’m not sure what we were expecting, but this doesn’t seem to be it.   We pretty much decided to just let the boys build things with the kit instead of worry about doing the challenge.  Especially since the challenge is kind of baffling to me.  The boys are supposed to look around the room, pick a source of energy, do research about it,  and then build a model, using at least one simple machine and a moving part, that shows how the energy is generated.  Huh? I don’t get it.  Whatever, GeekBoy and a friend put together a sail car, which the other mom pointed out was powered by wind energy.  The third boy put together a car also.  Then everyone went home, and I crashed.  Hard.

But after I woke up,  GeekBoy wanted to test out the motor, so we put something together, and tried it out, and it worked pretty kuel.  All three of the kids are revved up, so excited to meet up with their new friends and play more legos.

Alphabet Breakthrough

So, since we started in July, thePinkDiva has had trouble recognizing her letters of the alphabet.  But we took a few days off, and really, I am not pushing her on this stuff.  She’s only 4!  only 4!

So today, I pulled out the letter magnets, and jumbled them up.  Then I had thePinkDiva sort them out and put them back in order.  She did it!  She recognized all her letters!  w00t! w00t!  WTG girlie girl!

Little by little…

inch by inch. It’s part of an old Patch the Pirate song I learned growing up.

Little by little,
Inch by inch.
By the yard it is hard,
By the inch what a cinch.
Never stare up the stairs
Just step up the steps!
Little by little.
Inch by inch.
It’s a cinch!

That’s how school is going. We’ve been working at it since July. A little here, a little there. So far, thePinkDiva has learned to tell her left from her right, and is now readily identifying most of the letter of the alphabet all on her own!

GeekBoy is showing that he hates the drudgery of math, and would much rather move on to something new. He figures he’s got this adding thing under control. Reality is, he needs work. By try telling him that when he’d much rather learn something fresh, like multiplication! Sorry dude. You need a good foundation in addition and subtraction before you can move on to multiplying.

My biggest roadblock has been History. but with the arrival of the A&O Grade 1 history books, hopefully we can have somewhere to start, not to mention figure out if we can work with A&O considering GeekBoy’s disdain for workbooks.

Meanwhile, Lil’Chicano now counts to 8 all by himself, and the best part… He’s potty training! all on his own. I will not rush him. There are days he wants a diaper, and days he wants his unner-wayers. Way to Go little man!