Monthly Archives: February 2008

Volcano Exhibit!

I made my own volcano, and it was so cool, it like erupted about ten times probably.  And it was so fun, I just loved it.  Volcanoes are cool.

Volcanoes are mountains of fire.  Lava and ash come out of them.  Volcanoes are very die-able.  When you get near them, and they exploded, they can kill you.  Back at Pompeii, people didn’t know that Mt Vesuvius was a volcano.  Pompeii was buried in ash from the great powerful volcano, Mt. Vesuvius.  Just after one explosion, people there knew it was a volcano. Some tried to get out.  Other people, across the water, also had the eruption head toward them, and they had to leave.  Pliny the Younger was one of the people across the water.  He got out quickly.  He’s important now, because he wrote about the eruption.

Here is a picture of my volcano erupting.