Monthly Archives: August 2008

asajj ventress

She is a Force-wielding warrior of the Dark Side.  she has a saberstaff.   her saberstaff has curved handles, and can split in 2.  She is part of the new Clone Wars movie, which happens between Episode 2 & 3.  Clone Wars is the seventh movie in the Star Wars movies.

I found out about her on Wookieepedia.  I love the name of wookieepedia.  Here here is a link to  wookieepedia.

Busy Summer

It’s been a busy summer. We went to the zoo, and the amusement park a few times. My Gramma came over to visit a few times, and I’ve been riding my bike. Also played the Wii, my favorite game is Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga. I’m playing Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess at night with mom.

We started school last week.

ancient Egypt

The Nile river runs through Egypt.  It floods every year.  It’s a good thing, because it brings silt. Silt helps farmers grow their crops.

Upper Egypt is south, and Lower Egypt is north.  Upper Egypt was called “upper” because it has mountains, and that’s where the Nile River starts.  Lower Egypt is called “lower” because it is on low ground.

Egypt became one Egypt when The White Crown King of Upper Egypt defeated the Red Crown King of Lower Egypt.