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the snowspeeder trilogy(part 1)

Two pilots, driver Sevsenqua & gunner Tigwa, aka Zig, are on a mission to Sector 5BB12 to find Han Solo & Luke Skywalker who have spent the night on the surface of planet Hoth.  But things, don’t always go as planned…

“I think we’ve sprung a leak!” said gunner Zig, worriedly.

“Aw, com’on bro! Nothing’s gonna junk this thing!” said the confident Sev.


“HA HA! This is fun!” yelled Sev.

“Um.. Bro, not to spoil your fun, but…  The port-side engine is on fire. ” Zig said.

“Are you kidding me?” Sev asked incredulously.

“No way bro! Look!” yelled Zig.

“Woah! Bro, you need to fix that,” said Sev.

“Are you nuts bro? I’m not fixing that,” said Zig.

“Well you’d better!” hollered Sev over the roar of the flaming engine, “or we’re Wampa bait!”

—-To Be Continued—