Hypixel Housing RolePlay story documentation #1

Hypixel RP Tony’s perspective session #1

a normal day in Ravenswood as people begin their lives, I soon meet everyone in town like usuall. Adam is gaurding the delipidated forge, Kaia is trying to get Zion out of the tree, a girl named Aja moves in and a rather mysterious stranger appears in the town. soon the stranger
takes advantage of Aja and Adam is knocked out cold. the stranger breaks into the forge and steals a magic orb while Adam is recovering at my
place, i lend Kaia my crossbow and 10 arrows before throwing a poisin potion at him. Skye helps Kaia shoot the stranger to get the orb back
and Zion chases him all over town 3-4 times before the stranger vanishes and i get my crossbow back. more people visit, including Alyoi, and
Sasha attempts to break in to my house, i shot at her but never meant to hit her like i did.  i soon go to Eagles Landing, a town far to the north, to learn more about the sword that knocked out Adam.