Hypixel RolePlay story documentation #3

Hypixel RP  Tony’s perspective session #3

another normal day-ish as my house is still unsafe and i set up shop in a booth behind the watchtower, and Nuelle and Pip arrive in town.
Skye Nuelle and Kaia run circles around Zion for a few minutes then begin to chat. the next day my house security is still phooey and Jay got back and is now
training Zion in sword fighting, Ebony spys on Kaia and ??? as Jay knocks on Kaia’s door, ??? kidnaps Skye as Kaia trys to tell me something, as Skye gets dragged off,
Jay tells Kaia and me about the portal appearing in the mines, jay goes in, but the stranger comes out… i need to get more information, maybe the books on my basement
can help, some of them were written by the “Seren Academy of Magic” after all.

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  1. JustWes

    Cool stuff, Capt! I’d love to see the next entires in the Role-Play information!


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