Hypixel RolePlay Story Documentation #4

hipixel RP Tony’s side Session #4


something weird was happening today, a mysteryman who looks like Adam walked by, we later figured out the mysteryman was a shapeshifter and even though he knocked me out and left me
tied up in the bushes, after i left and the Shapeshifter revealed he only knocked me out so he could get into my house to find books on ARCANE magic, he then said that as long as i didn’t tell anyone he was a shapeshifter he would release me. kinda hard considering i already told Adam but hey at least nobody is reading this huh? anyway i later found out Ebony is one of 5 resurected demons. Skye’s sister, Luna, came by looking for her and a new person named Astrid woke out of the ruins at the top of the mountain, i wonder if she might also be a demon.
Adam found the nether portal Jay vanished through. later as Luna and Adam left to find Skye Adam left me in charge of Ravenswood, and the shapeshifter came to me for arcane magic-books, of which i had none. i feel a dark presense getting closer, i might have to go soon. Adam will need to get back first though, i don’t want to leave in 5 weeks but if what i’m feeling is right
there is something coming, and i need to be prepared for it.