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Housing backstory for my house

in the year 2214, the world was lost to an Apocalypse. it wasn’t a zombie/horror apocalypse, but it did force humanity to evolve in order to survive. through some process of natural selection, we became like wolves in body and mind. we grew out our ears and trained our noses, we choose tails for balance, we adapted to raw meat, all to survive. in the end we were vastly different from what pictures depicted we once were, we had accepted new mannerisms and hunting methods. we grew to enjoy chasing cats, and squirrels. we kept our culture though. and while we still had our human homes, we were not human anymore. we. are. WEREWOLVES.


it is now the year 2314, one hundred years have passed since the apocalypse. you are new to this territory and you have much to learn, the question now is… what will you do?