The Iranian Nuclear Deal: A 14 year old’s perspective


Catherine Herridge wrote a great article on FoxNews yesterday, July 14, 2015, called Officials: Iran Nuclear Deal Fuels Middle East Arms Race, Boosts Russia’s Influence.  Here are my thoughts on the whole thing.


The idiots in the Obama administration just gave a former terrorist country NUCLEAR WEAPONS.  Now the other Middle Eastern countries are going to want their own nukes and the best place to get them is by going to Russia and begging for nuclear weapons.


Iran wanted nukes for 35 years and now they will have them. We just fought a proxy war with them to protect the secret of nuclear weapons, and now we gave them what they wanted. If people would get more involved in their country, they wouldn’t vote stupid, power-hungry idiots into presidential office, and TERRORIST COUNTRIES would not be getting nuclear weapons that they could very easily turn around and throw at us.


Because of this deal, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, France, and many others see Russia, the U.S.’s long time enemy, as a better ally.  Many are concerned Iran now might just turn around and kill EVERYONE on planet earth and maybe destroy all the satellites as well. All thanks to Obama and the Obama Administration.


Thank you Obama Administration for being !@#$%!@#$% idiots.


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