Die screaming… Of rectal cancer?

In tonight’s WTF moment –

Sean Penn hopes that people who question his work in Haiti, “die screaming of rectal cancer.”  Really dude?  That’s the best you can come up with? Really?

He also thinks that any journalist who calls Hugo Chavez a dictator should be thrown in jail.  Thankfully the same First Amendment rights that allow Sean Penn to make such an ass of himself, also extend to journalists in this country.

As Judge Andrew Napolitano said,

“In light of his ignorance of freedom of speech, his wishing rectal cancer on his detractors, and his embracing tyrants, Mr. Penn obviously prefers thuggery to democracy,” he continued. “Were he free to do so, he’d be a tyrant. Now we’ll see if he can get me jailed for saying that!”

via FOXNews.com.

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