Dana says it better than I could.

You may or may not have heard about the woman, Angie, who live tweeted, and posted the video of her abortion on YouTube.  I’m not linking to any of it because I don’t want to give this woman traffic.  But Dana Loesch says it all better than I can:

I want to be mad at this woman, mad because she refuses responsibility for her actions, mad at her on the behalf of two different sets of friends who are battling fertility problems and would sell their organs if it meant conceiving a child of their own; mad because she treats something so wonderful as though it deserves the negative value she assigns it. Someone upstairs thought she was deserving of a blessing. I want to be mad at her, but it’s hard. I know – as I’ve been told by a few women among my acquaintance who’ve had abortions – that one day she will look at her little family and realize that one person is not there. Her heart will be heavy. Grace is for all.

I’m not calling her a whore or any other name that those precariously perched on a moral high horse have done. What does that accomplish? Soften, don’t harden the heart. I’m not linking to her website either (the origin of the quotes), simply because I do not support glorifying the situation but want to highlight the disconnect between the message and the logic.

You cannot, CANNOT claim to want rights for all … but some. You cannot cherry-pick civil rights.

They are for all or they are for no one.

Read the whole thing. It’s awesome.  Cherry-Picking Civil Rights «.

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