But I thought making it legal made it “safe”…

The Pennsylvania Department of Health wants to shut down the Women’s Medical Society in West Philadelphia because its owner has not responded to charges the clinic violated state law.

State medical officials say the clinic under reported second-trimester abortions and lacked the necessary equipment for emergency resuscitation, among other problems. On Wednesday, they said Kermit Gosnell missed an April deadline to respond.

Gosnell’s license has been temporarily suspended since February, when state officials say they found the clinic in “deplorable” condition. (Source)

A woman died. That was the only way they discovered the “deplorable” conditions in this particular clinic. Don’t get me wrong, I am 100% against the murder of the helpless and defenseless unborn.  Obviously the procedure isn’t as “safe” as it’s proclaimed to be.  And apparently, here’s at least one clinic that doesn’t meet proper standards for safety and reporting requirements.  Wonder how many other clinics “under report” and don’t live up to standards.

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