It’s High School All Over Again.

Woke up this AM to several stories about Ms. Sarkozy’s new book.  For those that don’t know, she is the wife of the French President, making her First Lady of France.

Frankly I don’t find the revelation about Michelle-My-Belle surprising.  I mean, isn’t kind of obvious she would hate her “job” as First Lady, considering how much she hates America?  I mean this is the woman who said that until BigO got elected she never had a reason to be proud of America.  Since that’s the only thing that made her happy to be an American, and his poll numbers are slipping as more and more Americans join the Tea Party Revolution…  Yea… It seems pretty obvious to me that she would hate her job as First Lady.

But that said, something about this whole story just seems…. I don’t know…  off? ugly? Almost like we’re caught between the two popular girls on the playground when they start an epic fight, using every bit of gossip they’ve gleaned against each other…  Actually, I think Dana Loesch has hit the nail on the head with her analysis:

Until now I hadn’t formed an opinion of Ms. Bruni-Sarkozy, but now I find her to be as loose with her discretion as she was with her body back when she was younger and not resigned to kitten heels because stilettos were ill fitting of a woman her age – even if I share her implied shock of such an admission from the First Lady. The swipe at the mother of Mr. Sarkozy’s children is embarrassingly tacky as well, but nothing shocks me from a woman willing to humble the status of the French first lady by putting out a comical little folk album. (

Then again, maybe this is a sort of retaliation for all the ways the O Admin has snubbed the French and our other allies. Regardless, it feels like tacky high school drama. But I just LUV this line from Dana:

Relatedly, remember how we were told that if Obama was elected he’d win prom queen of the world and Europa would respect us again? Not so much?

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