A Must Read abt the resilience of Conservative Women.

The conservative women-bashers can laugh all they want. On November 2, success will be our best revenge.

via Michelle Malkin » Standing tall: The rise & resilience of conservative women.


  1. 1773inBoston says:

    Shock and Awe! Shock and Awe! Flee the horror that is about to happen on Tuesday. My advice to all liberals is to grab what you can carry and run for your lives to Canada or Mexico. Don’t look back. Please don’t come back. Hurry! Get out while you can. How can you live in a country that adores someone like Sarah Palin? How can you stand to live in a society that is truly turning back to the American traditions of decency and personal responsiblility? Now go my friends. Go!

    Taunt them on Tuesday. They deserve it.

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