Bill Clinton’s Protege’s Involved in Potential Scandal

So, it looks like VA GOP turncoat Boyd Marcus was given $140,000 by newly minted Governor McAuliffe’s campaign AFTER he endorsed McAuliffe — and was subsequently put on the ABC board by McAuliffe. But that’s not the scandal. However, McDonnell’s wife stringing Jonnie William’s along is sooooo teh scandaloso!

“Longtime GOP operative Boyd Marcus surprised many political observers last year when he endorsed Democrat Terry McAuliffe for governor after, some Republican insiders claim, GOP nominee Ken Cuccinelli rejected Marcus’ attempts to peddle his consulting services.

Marcus ended up on the payroll of McAuliffe’s campaign to the tune of $140,000, then landed after the election in one of the cushiest of political seats: a spot on the Alcoholic Beverage Control board, at an annual salary of $130,000. That appointment by McAuliffe requires General Assembly confirmation — and may yet get scuttled by GOP lawmakers who find Marcus’ partisan transformation a little too greasy even by recent Richmond standards.

If indeed McDonnell’s actions are proved to be criminal and McAuliffe’s acceptable, Virginia needs to either rewrite its ethics laws from scratch or have none. We might as well revert to the late 19th century, when elected service was openly about patronage.”

Via Suffolk News Herald

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