VA GOP Strategist Whored Himself Out

So, fresh on the heels of yesterday’s revelation about Governor Terry McAuliffe’s relationship with Virginia GOP Strategist Boyd Marcus, we find out that Mr. Marcus had tried to sell himself to Cuccinelli after Bill Bolling withdrew from the race.  But, as we all know, Boyd Marcus ultimately decided to throw his support to the Democrat, Terry McAuliffe, for what we now know was $140,000 and a potential appointment to a position that pays 3 figures.  Essentially, Marcus sold himself to the highest bidder, regardless of party affiliation. (Emphasis mine)

The new governor appointed Marcus to the ABC Board, a coveted job that pays over $100,000 a year. But the consultant has yet to be confirmed by the GOP-led House of Delegates. Republicans have argued that the posting amounts to a political payoff. Marcus also approached the GOP candidate’s campaign, according to an email to Cuccinelli consultant Chris LaCivita, asking for a $75,000 to $100,000 salary.

Marcus had worked earlier in the cycle for then-lieutenant governor Bill Bolling, whom Cuccinelli beat out for the Republican nomination in a convention. Virginia Public Access Project records show that Bolling paid Marcus $108,129 for consulting and list access.

Via Washington Post.

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