The Most Incompetant Man in Maryland.

This is amaze-balls. We need to see more stuff like this from the GOP.  The funny thing is, the Brown-Ullman campaign is not disputing any of the claims made in the video.  They’re only upset over the use of the flexing picture, which was found on Brown’s facebook with no caption.  They are claiming that it’s an homage to a cancer patient who died, and that the GOP is exploiting the guy by using the photo.  The Hogan Campaign response is priceless. In an email to the, Hogan spokesman Adam Dubitsky said:

“That was the part of our ad with which they took issue? Our use of a May 10 Facebook photo of Brown and Ulman flexing for the camera that lacked any caption whatsoever indicating what it was for?

“We thought the Lt. Governor might have at least wanted to respond to the ad’s critique of his administration’s forty consecutive tax hikes, or his botched $125M health exchange roll-out, or perhaps the doubling of the unemployment rate under his watch.”


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