Afghanistan Working Dogs – An Update

After my last piece, which concluded that Veteran Sheepdogs of America was scamming people and not in a position to help rescue the working dogs, things have gone pretty quiet. Both the VSA twitter account and the VSA President’s twitter account have gone silent since being exposed, and Charlotte of Kabul Small Animal Rescue wasn’t updating KSAR’s socials either, understandably so. But now that some time has passed, a checked in to KSAR’s facebook and found some encouraging news.

First, about the working dogs:

And also this about all of the other dogs:

So, while the dogs are not out of the country, or even the airport yet, there is still hope that Charlotte will be able to get many of them back, and get them retired and rehomed. So that’s a good thing. Keep an eye on KSAR for further updates.

Did Biden leave 51 Military Working Dogs in Afghanistan?

Well, yes, but also no. Let me explain.

So last night this tweet rolled by my timeline, and I was instantly heartbroken.

The dogs are trained military working dogs who were in the hands of government contractors – so not active military dogs. They were turned over to Kabul Small Animal Rescue by their contractor handlers when the contractors were not allowed to bring them on their flights. Veteran Sheepdogs of America has been working with KSAR to get all the animals out, but their main focus has always been the 51 working dogs.

Things got worse when the word got out that Charlotte of Kabul Animal Small Rescue was told that her 140 dogs would NOT be allowed on a flight, and she was forced to choose, put down the puppy in her arms and get on the plane, or take her chances in country. She was already heartbroken over leaving her people behind, so she choose to stay with the puppy. Her 140 dogs were released on the tarmac, and the last flight out took off. American Humane released a statement:

“I am devastated by reports that the American government is pulling out of Kabul and leaving behind brave U.S. military contract working dogs to be tortured and killed at the hand of our enemies.  These brave dogs do the same dangerous, lifesaving work as our military working dogs, and deserved a far better fate than the one to which they have been condemned.

This senseless fate is made all the more tragic, as American Humane stands ready to not only help transport these contract K-9 soldiers to U.S. soil but also to provide for their lifetime medical care.

American Humane has worked hand in hand with the military for more than 100 years to rescue military animals. In fact, our famed rescue program began on the bloody battlefields of WWI Europe, at the request of the U.S. Secretary of War. Since that time, American Humane served as a pioneer in the development of animal therapy for returning veterans, and today brings home retired military working dogs and pairs veterans with life-saving service dogs.

As the country’s first national humane organization and largest certifier of animal welfare in the world, it sickens us to sit idly by and watch these brave dogs who valiantly served our country be put to death or worse.

In order to prevent this tragedy from occurring, these K-9’s should be loaded into whatever cargo space remains and flown to safety.

Irrespective of the outcome, this gross oversight of justice must be stopped from happening again, as it did in Vietnam too. To that end, we call on Congress to take action to classify contract working dogs on the same level as military working dogs. Failure to do anything less, is a failure of humanity and a condemnation of us all.”

Since then there has been some confusion about the fate of the now 51 military working dogs Veteran Sheepdogs of America claimed to still have them, and that they were furiously arranging funds. But then everything went radio silent for hours, and people were very confused. Were these military dogs, left behind? Were they rescue dogs? Had they been turned loose? Information surrounding these animals was very confusing.

This morning, Josh Hosler, CEO of VSA, said the dogs were still in VSA control, being cared for by people on the ground and they were hoping to have them loaded on a plane and wheels up by Wednesday morning.

So ok…. sounds like things are going well. But then, rumors start spreading that VSA is a bogus group and doesn’t have permission to do any of this, blah blah. Even Greta Van Sustren said they were a scam. Videos of german shepards wandering the Kabul airport surfaced on twitter, and people started to doubt. So VSA has been forced to answer some questions, while pleading that they can not answer many questions for the safety of the animals, many of whom are bomb-sniffers, because leaving them behind is widely seen as a death sentence.

So that’s where things stand for now. If I find any new information, I’ll edit this post and add it.

UPDATE: 6pm Est: According to the New York Post, it was a CDC guideline that made it impossible for KSAR to bring their animals out of Afghanistan.

The SPCAI said a new policy from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that suspended the transport of dogs from Afghanistan and more than 100 other countries “was another terrible impediment, despite our negotiations and pleadings.” 

“We applied for an Emergency Exemption so that Charlotte and the dogs could get out on our chartered flight this week. But the CDC’s adherence to its import policy during this time of crisis put animals and people at risk,” SPCAI wrote.

Because so many people have grown concerned about the possibility of VSA being a scam, a press release claiming to be from KSAR was put out on twitter by an account run by Lisa Brooks. No idea how this person is connected to KSAR or where they got the press release from, but the Lisa Brooks account has been very active the last week or so, trying to help KSAR get out of Afghanistan.

And of course, Josh from VSA is pointing people to the press release to verify he is actively working with KSAR.

Update 2: 10p est: To complicate matters more, It is now being alleged by people who say they are in contact with Charlotte from KSAM that VSA do NOT have the dogs, and have no right to be fundraising to get them out. One man, TheRealIrishLad on Instagram, claims to have dms, emails, and receipts to back it up. Based on what I’ve learned trolling through his Insta and Twitter – He seems to have been connected to KSAR through one of the orgs she was well known to be working for – The Puppy Rescue Mission. He was working with their ED, Michelle Smith. He says the dogs were part of GardaWorld, which is a security contractor who had been providing services to the US Embassy.

To add credibility to TheRealIrishLad’s posts, Glenn Beck has denied VSA’s earlier claims (in a now deleted tweet) that his Nazarene Fund pulled $600,000 of funding.

So, that seems to be the end of the story. It seems like these dogs are, in fact, the dogs seen in twitter videos wandering the airport after the military released them from their cages prior to kicking Charlotte to the curb (by her choice) and taking off on the last plane.

So that seems to be it. Maybe, by some small miracle things will change. Considering VSA promised to be wheels up with the animals by Wednesday morning, I guess we will know for sure in a few hours.

Regardless, as Twitchy reports, the SPCAI is holding out hope that Charlotte and her KSAR people will be able to get back into the airport and re-rescue the dogs as soon as tensions calm down.

Moving forward, KSAR’s primary objective is to return to the airport– when it is safe and with the hope of Taliban cooperation–to try and retrieve or re-rescue the animals who were released at the airport. The situation at the airport remains very unsafe, but KSAR is hopeful their staff will be allowed to return to the airport at some point to try to save their dogs. During her departure from the airport on August 30, Charlotte requested the U.S. Military open the bags of dog food she was able to bring into the airport and scatter their contents in the area where the dogs had been released.

UPDATE: 1:00PM EST: It’s over. VSA has been radio silent for over 14 hours, and then this tweet from a RT (Russia Today) Reporter on the ground in the Kabul Airport reports –

Lindell Refuses to Pay Up

At his 3 day symposium, Lindell had challenged the cyber sec experts in attendance, promising a $5 million bounty if they could prove his data was false. Bill Alderson from Texas has put in a claim for the money, and predictably, Mike Lindell has declared that Bill’s information is all false, and not based on the real data.

Bill Alderson of the Texas-based Security Institute told Dakota News Now that he registered for the challenge and attended the disastrous “Cyber Symposium,” where Lindell was supposed to present “packet captures” proving his wild claims about the presidential election being stolen from President Donald Trump. 

But Alderson ― who told Salon he is a Trump supporter and hoped to prove Lindell right ― said the pillow baron gave him and other experts in attendance nothing.

On top of that, a witness to the so-called “attack” that Mike Lindell claimed happened on the night of Day 2 says it did not happen.

Buongiorno said nothing he saw could be described as an attack that would leave Lindell in pain. He added Lindell showed no indication anything was amiss as he walked to the glass elevator and rode it to the 6th floor.

I called it. Lindell was scammed.

The cyber expert on the “red team” hired by MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell now says the key data underpinning the theory that China hacked the 2020 election unveiled at the Cyber Symposium is illegitimate.

But cyber expert Josh Merritt, who is on the team hired by Mr. Lindell to interrogate the data for the symposium, told The Washington Times that packet captures are unrecoverable in the data and that the data, as provided, cannot prove a cyber incursion by China.

“So our team said, we’re not going to say that this is legitimate if we don’t have confidence in the information,” Mr. Merritt said on Wednesday, the second day of the symposium.

I encourage everyone to read the whole article. FWIW, Josh Merritt is “Spyder”, the IT source that Lawyer and former kracken, Sidney Powell, tried to cite in her lawsuits as a “former military intelligence” but he claims he never said that, her clerks fubar’d his records. However, Rob Graham says that Josh has been “very straightforward” with the cyber security experts that are there.

Then of course, there’s this bit from the Times piece:

Mr. Merritt and Mr. Wiebe said the missing packet captures could be a result of either the format the data was sent in or they were withheld by the source of the information, Dennis L. Montgomery.

Mr. Montgomery is a former government contractor who developed cyber tools named HAMMER and SCORECARD, which were allegedly used by the U.S. to influence foreign elections. Mr. Montgomery came forward with the data after he said the tools were being used to influence U.S. elections, according to Mr. Wiebe.

Mr. Merritt confirmed that Mr. Montgomery was the source of the data.

But the data Mr. Montgomery sent contains no packet captures and cannot be used to validate Mr. Lindell’s marquee theory, which he planned to unveil at the symposium, said the two experts.

Mr. Montgomery reportedly suffered a stroke on the eve of the symposium and has not been in contact with Mr. Lindell’s team or any cyber experts at the symposium.

Like I said in my last piece, even Gateway Pundit – a site which has it’s own credibility issues, but is considered a valid source by many of the people who are trusting Mr. Lindell – said that Dennis Montgomery was not a valid source. Yet it seems that almost all of Mr. Lindell’s information comes from Montgomery.

Interesting little note in the Times piece was this tidbit:

Phil Waldron who is the leader of the red team, said only a small slice of the data was provided to the red team, just days before the symposium.

That’s an interesting and telling statement, because Mr Lindell was on CNN about a week ago to hype his Symposium, and he told CNN that he had “spent millions” verifying the data, and had irrefutable proof of election fraud. Yet his “red team” of cyber security guys, the guys he brought in to verify that his data was good, didn’t get to look at the data at all until a few days ahead of the symposium? Something doesn’t smell right. Where did Mr. Lindell’s “millions” go? Who told him this data, that his own “red team” now says is bogus, was good?

Sadly, I think it a very real possibility that Mr Lindell was scammed, and either doesn’t realize it, or doesn’t know how to get himself out of the hole he has dug.

Nuttier than a fruitcake, or victim of a scam?

So far, Mike Lindell’s big Cyber Symposium, where he was going to release terabytes of data that he’s spent millions to verify, is a bust. It’s only day one of three though, maybe things will get better – but I highly doubt it. He’s already made a complete fool of himself, screaming that he wouldn’t take a break, he’d be on air for 72-hours straight! just before wandering off stage.


So far, Mr. Lindell has yet to show any real evidence of anything, other than some hex files that he’s shown in his previous “documentaries”. Those files are likely from a dubious source, and don’t seem to actually prove what Mr. Lindell thinks they prove. Lead Stories has shown the links between Lindell’s “evidence” and a man named Dennis Montgomery. The same Dennis Montgomery that Gateway Pundit has called out for being a scam artist. As Joe Hoft, Jim “Gateway Pundit” Hoft’s twin brother, wrote:

Anything connected to Dennis Montgomery is suspect based on what is known about this guy.  The real question is who is backing this huckster or is he on his own?

UNCOVERED: Conman With Long History of Deceit, Dennis Montgomery, Inserted False Information Into Election Fraud Investigation, Who’s Paying Him?
Go read this whole thread. it’s great. Rob will be adding to it as the Symposium continues.

Now, Lindell called Rob Graham out, from the stage today, as one of his detractors, conveniently when the tech guys were all in a breakout session, supposedly getting access to the data. . However, after combing through his twitter feed and website, Rob appears to be a reasonable person, who goes where the data sends him, not his politics. He appears to routinely call out both sides of the political spectrum. This article he wrote explaining why people don’t trust the scientists, as well as this twitter thread explaining how the tech world lost it’s credibility are both great examples of his ability to call out both sides for being dumb.

I never left the party. The party left me.

This year’s election started off looking brilliant.  The GOP had such a deep bench of candidates that would have been amazing.  Then the Trump Train idiots just shat the bed.  I promised in my last post that I would change party affiliation if Donald was awarded the GOP nomination.  Unlike Alec Baldwin and so many others, I keep my promises.  Here’s the evidence:




I am now officially “Unaffiliated.”  I stand by my choice to refuse to vote for Donald Trump.  He represents everything I am against.  He is a conman who is only looking out for himself.  I’ve said the very beginning that his campaign was never supposed to be more than a pr stunt for his TV show.  Then the Social Justice Warrior crowd went at him over his “build a wall!” comments and got him fired from his show.  At that point, the Donald can not just sit back and allow himself to be humiliated, so he kicked the rhetoric into high gear.  Media, even conservative media, loved him because he was so bombastic, he was great for ratings and clicks.  Those of us who are #NeverTrump warned that he was not a good candidate.  Several of us begged for us to coalesce behind either Rubio or Cruz.  The longer the primary dragged on, the more clear it was that Cruz had the best chance.  But it was too late.

2016election-allthenopesI wanted to jump to the Libertarians.  I like the Libertarian platform in many respects.  I generally disagree with them on the view of pot & foreign policy, but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t work with.  Then the Libertarians shat their bed by picking Democrat-lite Gary Johnson.  Pro-abortion, anti-religious freedom…  I just can’t.

So for the first time in my 21 years of voting — I will not be voting for the office of President.  I will go vote for the down-ticket races.  But I can not in good conscience select any of the choices we have for President this year. Hillary is a proven liar with a long record of corruption.  Trump is a con man, who has already changed his mind about everything he’s promised so far.  Johnson is the least Libertarian Libertarian I’ve ever seen.  As for Jill Stein, her platform is just the worst for our already struggling economy.  If a good candidate would mount a decent write-in campaign between now and November, maybe I’ll throw a vote their direction, but that’s not likely to happen.

I urge everyone to research their local candidates.  In Maryland, you can see who will be on your ballot on the State Election Board Website.  I will be supporting Kathy Szeliga for Senate and Mark Arness for the House of Representatives. I still have to research on my local county officials and judges.


From Erick Erickson’s latest, The Importance of Disclosing This Immediately:

I will not vote for Donald Trump for President of the United States even if he is the Republican nominee.
He is an authoritarian blending nationalist and tribal impulses, which historically has never worked out well for the nation that goes in that direction or the people in that nation.

Erick hits the nail on the head here. I will not vote for Donald Trump. If my choice is Donald or Hilary, I’d rather have Hilary. Donald or Bernie, I’d rather have Bernie. That is how much I will not vote for Donald Trump.

Trump-stancesI’ll even go one step further. If Donald Trump becomes the Republican Nominee, I will change my affiliation. I’ve been a registered Republican for 21 years. I’ve said for years now that I didn’t leave the GOP, the GOP left me. I have remained a registered Republican solely for the opportunity to vote in primaries and hopefully change the direction of the party.

Unlike some others, I am not ready to throw in the towel on the GOP, at least not until the primary is over. I am still praying that the party will wake up, and vote in Rubio or Cruz. We will see what happens on Super Tuesday. Until then remember,

Friends don’t let friends vote for Donald Trump.

Ted Cruz wins the internet today.

Love the Office Space reference.  If you haven’t heard about Hillary’s email server issues, you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last year.


Ted has another one that my kids just LOVE:

My kids have been randomly yelling, “Eminent Domain!” like it’s a Hulk-Smash rallying cry.  More importantly, they asked what it was, and were genuinely curious. That is the real genius of ads like this, education.


Donald Trump is Afraid of Megyn Kelly – and His Supporters are Jerks.

Donald Trump, as of this moment, will not be appearing in tonight’s FoxNews GOP debate.  The last time, he got upset that Megyn Kelly asked him a question about how he treats women. It was a relevant question, considering Hillary was trying to revive the War on Women crap just a few days earlier. But the Donald got his nose all bent out of joint, and said Megyn was attacking him. He then said in an interview the next day that Megyn was just having woman problems, and has since attacked her personally and repeatedly called her a bimbo on social media.

His own actions and repeated attacks on Megyn after that debate prove the validity of her question. He is not someone I want in the highest office of the land.

I unfollowed Rush Limbaugh on facebook today, because he has been Team Trump this whole time. I also hate that anytime I speak out against Trump’s ideas, I get roundly attacked by his supporters.  I’ve been called everything from a Democrat, to “tranny”, to “cuckservative” – a completely racist term.

Thing is, the last time I got attacked so viciously by political opponents — Barack Obama was running for office. Trump supporters are just as bad as the Obama supporters.

Setting the Record Straight, WaPo Reporter Misquotes Police Chief.

** Cross-posted at Check out Dana’s book, Hands Off My Gun: Defeating the Plot to Disarm America, for more information about the Second Amendment**

Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD) held a round table event in Largo, Maryland, on October 23, 2015, called, “Ending Gun Violence in America: Healing our Communities.”  I had no idea this event was happening in my area so I was not there.  Based on the Senator’s Twitter feed, it was really an opportunity for him to push the Democrats newly-released and highly-flawed “Gun Violence Prevention Principles.”

It seems an oddly timed coincidence that Cardin’s event preaching the evils of gun shows, and perpetuating the mythical “loophole”, was held the day before the Gun Show returns to PG County’s Showplace Arena for the first time since 2013.  Considering the County Executive has made it clear that he does not like guns shows at all, and all the outrageous restrictions placed on this year’s show (No live ammo is allowed on the premises at all, among other restrictions and fees), this tweet from today’s event caught my attention:

I just couldn’t believe it!  My hometown police chief advocating for dealers to be held responsible for buyer’s actions? It just seemed a bit out there.  So I wrote to Chief Gonnella.  Here’s his response:


Notice, the Chief is referring to people who purchase for someone who cannot legally purchase.  That is the definition of a straw purchase, not a “seller” as Ms. Hernandez had tweeted.  I quickly tweeted the screen-capped email to my followers, so that everyone who was as floored by the suggestion Ms. Hernandez had tweeted would get to see the other side of the story.

But this story does not end there.  After seeing the email exchange, Ms. Hernandez asked me how what she had tweeted was different from what the Chief had written in his email.  That’s how I found myself discussing the difference between a “seller” and a “straw purchaser” with a WaPo reporter while making dinner for my family.

Eventually, after dodging my requests for Chief Gonnella’s full quote as she had written it in her notebook, Ms. Hernandez admitted that she wasn’t as clear as she should have been with her initial tweet, and blamed twitters 140 character limit for the misunderstanding.


She also seems to be saying that since the quote was not included in the story on the event, it wasn’t a big deal.  However, what Ms. Hernandez did not know, was that her tweet had already been shared with at least one local political discussion group, and there were now people on both that group and twitter who were absolutely shocked at what the original tweet claimed Chief Gonnella had said.  By contacting the Chief, I was able to set the record straight in both locations, and hopefully prevent a man from being smeared with a false representation of his opinion.

Hopefully, after this misunderstanding, Ms. Hernandez has learned a little bit about gun laws, and the power of words.