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Start giving people the respect they deserve. Teach them that they are valuable, and then SHOW them you believe in them by setting the bar high. Stop providing easy ways out, and people will manage. People should be tested sometimes – how else will they know what they’re made of? Stop blaming rich, white men for your problems – many of you fall into the same category.Take responsibility. The world is not out to get you – you can choose not to hate.

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Go read the whole thing.  It’s awesome!

Obama & Blago

Ace of Spades HQ has a photo of Obama meeting with Blagojevich at a National Governors Association meeting Last Tuesday (meaning Dec 2).  This photo is juxtaposed with a quote from Obama this past Tuesday (Dec 9) that he “had no contact” with Blago.

Obama: Do Not Believe Your Lying Eyes.

The “no contact” statment was made the day Blago was arrested on charges of trying to sell Obama’s senate seat amoung other things.  Here’s  the quote, in context, from the ABC story:

Asked what contact he’d had with the governor’s office about his replacement in the Senate, President-elect Obama today said “I had no contact with the governor or his office and so we were not, I was not aware of what was happening.” (ABCNews)

Did you catch that?  Did you see how he changed that last sentence from “we were not” to “I was not“?   We’re playing word games again here.  We are back in the era of Bill Clinton and “It depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is.” (Youtube)  Also, He didn’t say he had “never” had contact with Blago.  Just that he had “no contact.”  But does that mean no contact ever? or just no contact today, this week, this month? It does not mean he’s never talked to the man.  Just that he hasn’t talked to him recently.

Of course President-elect Obama was not aware of the deals going on for his Senate seat.  It’s called plausible deniability.  Obama was not invovled in the talks at all.  That was Axelrod’s job. He was the one who orginally told FoxNews that he had been talking to Blago, then after Blago’s arrest said he “misspoke.” (ABCNews)

Be careful.  Obama is just as particular about his words as Clinton and Kerry are.  Plus, he comes from the corrupt Chicago politcal machine.  Don’t think for a second that he is stupid enough to get caught doing something like this.  He didn’t get where he is today by being dumb.

A must ready for all TCOT tweepz

I worry that with such a large group of people new to this application of social media, the energy could easily be hijacked for personal agendas; also I’m wary of those who may use it as a means to leverage their own interests. I’ve written about politics and have been politically active for the better part of ten years, blogging since 2001; perhaps all of it has made me cynical. I just don’t want to see the strength of such a wonderful outreach neutralized or tainted.

The rebuilding of a party means new opportunities and many people posturing to make their definition of conservatism the official definition. This is bad. So far, #TCOT has been very welcoming and doesn’t waste time and momentum with arbitrary litmus tests as some movements are wont to do.

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Well said Dana.

Waiting for a leader

Right now, the Republican party is in trouble. There are so many little netroots organizations starting up, which is great, but there is no central leadership.

The problem is, the RINOs in charge either don’t understand social media, or want to “control” it. It’s not going to happen sirs. The current Republican leadership is much like the Record Industry, back when it was trying to fight the first incarnation of Napster. People got used to the idea of free music, and instead of embracing the internet right away, the RIAA tried to stop everything. It didn’t work, in fact had the opposite effect of driving more and more people to piracy. Eventually the Music Industry had to revamp their business model to include internet sales.

Right now we have several netroots movements springing up. There’s TCOT, aka Top Conservatives on Twitter, and Rebuildtheparty, Dontgo, and more.  All of this is great, but every movement has their own degrees of slant based on who is at the top of the movement.  To me, it’s beginning to feel like there are way too many chefs, each with their own recipe, working out of the same pot. It could turn into something wonderful, fresh, and exciting!  Or, it could turn into something awfully awful.

I’m waiting to see who the new Chairman of the Republican party will be, and how that person reacts to the netroots that are already taking off.  I think if the new leadership calls the leaders of each movement together and says, “Thanks for giving us a head start! Now let’s see if we can get everyone on the same page.”  If the new leadership listens to the people involved in all this, participates in the already existing movements, and builds off of what has already been done, things may go well.  If the new leadership says basically screw you all, this is the “official” way to do this, and tries to start it’s own programs, well, it’s not going to end well.

Top Conservatives on Twitter

I joined the #TCOT movement on Twitter.  Basically, it’s a bunch of us grassroots types who are trying to shape the future of the GOP and harness the power of social media.  From the TCOT website:

Since the days of Ronald Reagan’s vision of America as the “shining city on a hill,” conservatives have been motivated to create an ideal version of our country.

Of late, we’ve lost our way.

Too many conservatives are looking backwards to the “Glory Days” of those great leaders who are no longer with us. They lived in a different world, with different technologies and a different citizenry.

It serves no purpose for us to wail and bemoan our recent misfortunes, as we try in vain to relive that which will never be again.

The path to re-establishing a limited government that is responsible only for those elements of the common good which we cannot provide for ourselves lies not with a political leadership that lives in decades past, or in “talking heads” comfortable in their own intellectual superiority, interesting in telling us what they think, but not hearing what we know.

Limited government will be re-established through the independently undertaken but voluntarily coordinated efforts of hundreds of thousands of netizen-warriors just like you and me. Unlike the CEOs of auto companies and mortgage companies begging to be bailed out of financial debacles of their own profligacy, the netizen-warrior approaches the task of righting our nation with the humility of servant leadership.

From that community servant leadership comes the moral authority by which other likeminded netizen-warriors will collectively work to return our country to the principles upon which it was founded.

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Awesome, huh?  If you choose to join, tell them thekytikat sent you.

When will they ever get the message?

Two key issues remain: Whether to block the auto companies from suing states over their greenhouse gas emission standards and how the bill can ensure taxpayers can get repaid for loans to Chrysler, a privately held company, in the event of a bankruptcy.

Congressional Democrats want to add language that they can reach up to Chrysler’s holding company, Cerberus Capital Management, if that happens, but the White House is “pushing back” according to one Democratic aide.

The talks did resolve two sticking points, however.

One dealt with a provision that any expenditure of more than $25 million by the three automakers would have to have to get prior government approval. That limit has been raised to $100 million to satisfy some Republicans who considered the requirement too burdensome.

Auto bailout bill not yet a done deal – Dec. 9, 2008.

Did you catch that? Republicans thought the spending limit was “too budensome” for the automakers.


This is why. This kind of crap is why I am becoming more and more convinced everyday that the only way to send a message to the idiots who run the Republican party is to disenroll.