Donald Trump is Afraid of Megyn Kelly – and His Supporters are Jerks.

Donald Trump, as of this moment, will not be appearing in tonight’s FoxNews GOP debate.  The last time, he got upset that Megyn Kelly asked him a question about how he treats women. It was a relevant question, considering Hillary was trying to revive the War on Women crap just a few days earlier. But the Donald got his nose all bent out of joint, and said Megyn was attacking him. He then said in an interview the next day that Megyn was just having woman problems, and has since attacked her personally and repeatedly called her a bimbo on social media.

His own actions and repeated attacks on Megyn after that debate prove the validity of her question. He is not someone I want in the highest office of the land.

I unfollowed Rush Limbaugh on facebook today, because he has been Team Trump this whole time. I also hate that anytime I speak out against Trump’s ideas, I get roundly attacked by his supporters.  I’ve been called everything from a Democrat, to “tranny”, to “cuckservative” – a completely racist term.

Thing is, the last time I got attacked so viciously by political opponents — Barack Obama was running for office. Trump supporters are just as bad as the Obama supporters.

More Scandal in PG County!

Jack Johnson, Former County Executive, Arrested for bribery & fraud

Jack Johnson, Former County Executive, Arrested for bribery & fraud

If you live in Prince George’s County, you may have heard about the recent indictment of the former Deputy Director of the Prince George’s County Housing Authority, Carla Carter, but you likely have not heard mentioned her connections to both the former and current county executives.

Carla Carter worked as the Deputy Director of PG’s Housing Authority from July 2007 to February 2012, including five months in 2008 when she was the acting director.  While in a position that allowed her to influence housing programs, from October 2007 to December 2012, Ms. Carter & her husband Raymond received over $109,000 from the HUD run Section 8 housing program for rental properties they owned in Bowie & Capital Heights. According to the DOJ press release, Ms. Carter also got a DHCD employee to change the documents pertaining to the properties, making them seem to be owned by an unnamed co-conspirator.  Together with her husband, Ms. Carter caused payments from the Section 8 program to go to the unnamed co-conspirator, who would then turn the funds over to the Carters.

Besides all of that, Ms. Carter also knowingly filed false financial disclosure statements in 2008 and 2011, hiding her ownership of said properties.  This is not the first time Ms. Carter has had trouble with financial disclosure forms.  In 2005, there was a case brought before the DC Board of Ethics when Ms. Carter, in her capacity as the Chief Financial Officer of DC, failed to file her final financial disclosure statement in a timely manner after she left the position in 2004.  In that instance, she did eventually file the paperwork, and the Ethics board dismissed the case.

Ms. Carter was hired to the PG Housing Authority at the height of the very corrupt Jack Johnson administration.  The former County Executive is currently behind bars for running a pay-to-play scheme with developers, among other things.  Most will remember the arrest of Mrs. Leslie Johnson because she stuffed about $79,000 in her underwear as the FBI broke down her door, in a vain attempt to hide the money.  Besides the pay-to-play scheme, Jack Johnson was also known for his cronyism.  According to WaPo, the former County Executive placed Ms. Carter on several community advisory committees.

Jack Johnson was busted in 2011, leaving PG County in the hands of the newly elected Rushern Baker III.  In March, and again in June of 2011, when it was clear that Johnson was in trouble, Ms. Carla Carter donated a total of $185 dollars to Rushern Baker’s election fund.  These donations are during the time that Ms. Carter was defrauding the Section 8 program.  As of this writing, Ms. Carter’s name is listed on Rushern Baker’s website as a donor. The information about the donations was easily found on Maryland’s Campaign Reporting Information System website.




Shannon Watts Thinks the NRA is Scared of Her.

The hypocrisy of the Bloomberg-funded Moms Demand Action & More Franzia (Thanks for that one Dana!) is shown clearly on twitter by its founder Shannon Watts.


She is currently bragging about being blocked by the NRA twitter account.  She says that means the NRA is clearly scared of her, which means her group is totally winning ya’ll.  Yet this woman has blocked so many, including hundreds of mothers, who are 2A supporters, that there is a hashtag!  Scroll through the #ImBlockedByShannonWatts stream on twitter. Lo. It is amazing.

Of course, coming from a woman who had her ARMED security guards push and shove Dana Loesch (whose new book, Hands Off My Gun: Defeating the Plot to Disarm America, is one on my list to get and read ASAP), because Dana has been an ardent critic of Moms Demand, and wanted Shannon to clear up several lies she had been telling about Dana.

So, if the fact that the NRA blocked her means they are scared and she is winning, by her own logic, she must be completely terrified of anyone who voices a viewpoint that is different from her own.

Irony. Thy name is Shannon Watts.

Susan Rice gets a promotion

UN Ambassador Susan Rice, who is heavily involved in the coverup of the deaths of 4 Americans in Benghazi, has not only not been punished, she just got promoted.

Ms. Rice has just been named as President Obama’s National Security Adviser.

Shaking up his national security team, President Barack Obama tapped diplomat Susan Rice as his national security adviser, defying Republicans who have vigorously criticized her faulty explanation about the attack on Americans in Benghazi, Libya.

“Susan is the consummate public servant – a patriot who puts her country first,” Obama said while announcing Rice’s appointment Wednesday during a Rose Garden ceremony.

Rice will take over the top national security post from Tom Donilon, who is resigning after four years in the White House.

Because the Obama Administration sees women as nothing but their “bits”

This was on the official Obama campaign Tumblr account:


Because, as a woman nothing else matters, right?  Certainly not:

Fast & Furious.
16 Trillion in debt. (That’s $16,000,000,000,000.00!!!)
8+% Unemployment that is really 16% unemployment.
The Obama Administration lying to the American People about the Benghazi Terrorist attack.
Obama’s Attorney General having ties to the Black Panthers & possibly terrorism.

I could go on, and on, and on, and on. But I don’t have enough time right now.

Code Pink, dressed as Giant Lady Parts.

But according to our President’s campaign – the same campaign that has made a 30-something activist law student the star of their campaign because she wants the government to pay for her birth control – according to the President’s campaign, women are nothing more than their “lady parts” and the only issue that matters is Birth Control (read: Abortion).

So, the democrats see me as nothing but a giant walking vay-jay-jay, but it’s the Republicans who don’t respect women and are waging a War on Women?

WTH has happened to Feminism?

“I’m sorry, I’m just a girl.” -Rachel, Amazing Race s20 ep2.

I’ve never really thought of myself as a feminist.  Thanks to those who came before me, like Susan B. Anthony & Betty Friedan, I’ve never lived in a world that discriminated against me due to my gender.  I’ve never felt the need to rail against the Patriarchy nor have I been oppressed by “the Man.”  I’ve grown up in a time when women can & do just about anything.  Women serve in the military, they run Fortune 500 companies, serve in Congress, even run for the Presidency.

But lately, I’ve noticed a trend, both in TV & politics, that bothers me.  I see women making excuses for their own shortcomings or demanding things from others based solely on their gender.  Like Ms Rachel from Amazing Race 20, whose comment about being “just a girl” came during a building challenge on Episode 2.  Woman, do not blame your lack of mechanical ability on your lady bits! Especially when the all-female team next to you has not only already finished the build, but given the all-male team a few pointers.

Rachel’s “just a girl” comment is at the 2:28 mark.

If that wasn’t bad enough, take the example of the women’s team on Survivor: One World, who continue to insist the men’s team provide for them.  In Episode 3, one woman, after an especially cold rainy night, said, “We’re girls! We’re not meant to be beaten down like this.” Wait, what? Did you not sign up for this show? Have you never watched an episode? Your experience so far is not that different from the teams of the past. Man up! Quit yer griping and fix your shelter! Stop expecting the men to give you things because you’re girls, and start providing for yourselves.

Then, to cap this off, Sandra Fluke – Nancy Pelosi’s latest Useful Idiot – goes before Congress to demand that Congress force those big bad meanies known as health insurance companies to provide contraception. Ignore the fact that she chose to go to Georgetown Law School because the student healthcare coverage does not provide for contraception, though the employee version does.  Ignore the fact that she was president of the Law Students for Reproductive Justice and battled with a Catholic School over their policies for three years.  Pay no attention to the fact that she believes “gender reassignment” operations should be considered medically necessary and fully covered by all health insurance companies. Ignore the Limbaugh controversy, his subsequent apology – which she refused to accept,  Presidential phone call, and her possible collusion with White House and MMFA to push a narrative. (By the way, the idea that Viagra is covered by most health care plans, while birth control is not, is False.)

Ignore all the facts, and the obvious activism of Ms Fluke, and what you have is a woman sitting in front of the Congress, demanding they make someone else give her something – because she’s a girl.

Feminism was never supposed to be about getting special treatment because of our womanhood.  It was about getting equal treatment.  Ladies, you can not demand to be treated as equals while simultaneously demanding special treatment.  Knock it off!  Stop looking to others for what you need or want, and provide for yourself. In the words of Daisy, via Chicks on the Right:

The strong, REAL “feminists” like me are painted as old-fashioned in today’s society. Go figure. Well, that’s fine, because I know I’ll always be better off. Because I know that if a government is powerful enough to give something to me – if ANYONE is powerful enough to do so – they’re powerful to take it away. Count on it, oh strong and able “feminists.” And remember that you’re the one who handed over the power.

Double Standards rule the roost on ABC’s ‘The View.’

The ladies from ‘The View’ had Ms. Sandra Fluke on the show on March 5th, mostly to discuss the controversy that has arisen because of Rush Limbaugh’s use of the word “slut” to describe Ms. Fluke.  On a personal note, I do believe that Limbaugh went way too far with his comments.  He knows it too.  He even issued an apology to Ms. Fluke.  But what struck me about Ms. Fluke’s appearance on ‘The View’ was the complete 180 the ladies on the show have done.

See, in May 2011, MSNBC host Ed Schultz called conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham a “slut”.  The response from Barbara Walters, Joy Behar, & Whoopi Goldberg was to laugh it off.  They cracked jokes and claimed that Joy Behar called all her girlfriends ‘sluts,’ because she can.  It was a joke, a laugh, it didn’t really mean anything horrible.

Fast forward to March 5th’s show.  The same women who thought using the word ‘slut’ was such a joke just 10 months ago, now felt that this word was an outrageous attack on women in general.

So, let me get this straight.  A Liberal news guy calls a Conservative woman a slut, and it’s all a big joke.  A Republican talk show host calls a Liberal woman the same thing, and it’s a grave insult.  The hypocrisy.  It astounds me.

This makes me sicker than swine flu ever could.


So this is the new leftist humor?

Wonkette attacked Sarah Palin’s baby Trig on his birthday.

via Leading Leftie Blog Mocks Sarah Palin’s Handicapped Baby on His Birthday | The Gateway Pundit.

I can’t even. You’ll have to go to Gateway Pundit to see the photo on this one. It is so offensive to me, I refuse to allow it on my blog.  To attack a baby? I thought Politician’s kids were off limits? Oh wait, I forgot. That only applies to liberal, left-wing, progressive, socialist politicians, or anyone with a big “D” behind their name.  It’s open season on GOP or Conservative politicians’ kids. /headdesk


Dana Loesch, Larry O’Connor, Jim Nolte, and thousands others on Twitter came together today on twitter to stand up for decency, Trig Palin, and millions of other Special Needs Kids.  Dubbed #TrigsCrew, the folks on twitter have managed to totally pwn the author of the despicable article, the Wonkette website, and it’s lead Editor. It has been a thing of beauty to behold. Dana has chronicled the saga throughout the day over at
Wonkette Makes Fun of Trig Palin, Calls Him “Retarded”

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