Go get ’em Sarah-cuda!

Yesterday, Lisa Murkowski’s hired guns threatened radio host Dan Fagan, and more importantly, the station that airs Fagan’s show, with legal action for allegedly illegal “electioneering.” The station, unlike Murkowski, who is flush with millions of dollars from vested corporate interests, does not have a budget for a legal defense. So it did what any small market station would do when threatened by Beltway lawyers charging $500 to $1000 an hour – they pulled Dan Fagan off the air.

Does all this sound heavy handed? It is. It is an interference with Dan Fagan’s constitutional right to free speech. It is also a shocking indictment against Lisa Murkowski. How low will she go to hold onto power? First, she gets the Division of Elections to change its write-in process – a process that Judge Pfiffner correctly determined had been in place without change for 50 years. She is accepting financial support from federal contractors, an act that is highly questionable and now pending before the FEC. And today, she played her last card. She made it clear that if you disagree with her and encourage others to exercise their civic rights, she’ll take you off the air.

Via Facebook | Lisa, are you going to shut down my Facebook page for writing this?.

Read the whole thing.  It is abso-freaking-lutely awesome!

Steve King has a set of big brass ones.

Steve King, Republican from Iowa said on the floor of the House last Thursday night:

“it seems the President has an inclination to engage in these kinds of things. When he had an Irish cop and a black professor, who did he side with? He jumped to a conclusion without having heard the facts, and he ended up having to have a beer summit.”

When it comes to immigration laws, King said, “We need a mission at the top. The President of the United States has got to articulate a mission. Instead, he is playing race bait games to undermine the law enforcement in the State of Arizona and across the country, and undermining the efforts of our Border Patrol, ICE, and customs border protection.”

Go read the whole thing.  Jake Tapper even has embedded video of Iowa Rep. Steve King just nailing the Prez on this Arizona law = racial discrimination thing.

SCOTUS tells ACORN to go away.

The Supreme Court has turned down ACORN’s request for help in its lawsuit claiming Congress was wrong to shut off the activist group’s federal funding. (Source)

So, what happened was, O’Keefe and Giles did a bit of undercover journalism, and caught a whole bunch of ACORN employees – across the country, mind you, not just in one office – trying to help a pimp and ho hide an illegal brothel and launder the money for the pimp’s political aspirations.  Brietbart gave these two crazy kids a place to get the information out with the launch of BigGovernment.com, and the story went viral.

Then Congress decided it had to do something to avoid the bad press it was getting for having awarded ACORN so much cash in it’s various stimulus bills, etc.  So Congress voted to de-fund ACORN.  No more federal monies for the shady “community rights” group.

ACORN sued. A friendly judge said, oh no… Congress has no right to stop giving you the taxpayer’s money, just because you help people game the system, and possibly participated in massive voter fraud.

Then an Appeals Court judge said, um, dude? what was that first judge smoking? Of course Congress can de-fund your sorry behinds.

So ACORN tried to take it up with the Supreme Court, to get back the money that the Appeals Court told them they couldn’t have after all.  But SCOTUS rightfully told ACORN to take a hike.  Thus, Congress’ de-funding of ACORN has been upheld by the Appeals Court, and stands. Awesome.