Boenher needs to go!


Cry-Baby Boehner has got to go. Not only does he “absolutely” trust Obama, He doesn’t think the debt crisis is an “immediate threat” & says that he is part of Obama’s “common-sense caucus.”  Somebody in the conservative movement needs to primary his butt.

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The Debt Deal sux azz. Here’s why.

Speaker John Boehner posted a summary of the debt deal online last night last night after it was announced that a deal had been reached.

via The Boehner Plan – Summary Slides 1-7 | The Gateway Pundit.

Go check out the slides Jim Hoft posted.  Then come back….

That last slide is what does this for me. Did you see the bullet point about how if the Joint commitee can’t come to an agreement then the cuts will be made across the board, with HALF the cuts coming from DEFENSE??

So… We have an aging fleet, that is technologically outdated and needs to be replaced. We ran out of missiles in Libya (WTF!!!) and now…. if 12 dudes who haven’t managed to agree on anything yet don’t agree on 1.2 TRILLION dollars in Cuts, Defense will get 500+ BILLION taken from their budget — that is not allowed to come from Military Pay. WTF!!!

Of course, no one is talking about how just 603 American soldiers died in Afganistan under 8 years of Bush, but Obama’s Afgan death toll is over 1000. No one is talking about how dangerous Iraq has become since the draw-down. No one is talking about how much money is being spent to defend Muslim Brotherhood affiliated rebels who are now killing each other off in Libya.

But Oh… if those 12 Congress folks can’t agree… will take have the cuts out of Defense.

Plus, a commenter at Gateway Pundit pointed out that the Joint Committee would, under the framework they’ve been given, have the power to allow the Bush Tax Cuts to expire, without calling the ensuing increase a “tax hike”.  Seriously? Boehner expects us to believe this is a good deal?  Seriously?

In the words of Whitney Houston — “Oh HALE TO THE NO!!!”

I do not want this to pass. At all.

Is Steele really this dumb?

Dude is trying to say that because he was elected RNC chair, and the steps he & the GOP took this past election, Tea Party folks did not form a third party.

Steele is trying to spin the situation and make it seem as if his efforts and that of the national party corralled the Tea Party movement and led the Tea Partiers to an electoral victory. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, it was the ‘tuther way ’round, Mr. Steele. It was the Tea Partiers that forced the GOP to take notice, to heed policy ideas, and to glom onto Tea Party support to win in 2010.

via » RNC Chair Steele Tries to Take Credit for 2010 Tea Party Success – Big Government.

Dude, seriously?  Tea Party folks dragged your dumbass up out of the mud and saved this election for you.  Need proof? Look at how many party favorites went the way of Dede Scozzafava.  Heck, the fact that there even was a Scozzafava in the first place proved the GOP just didn’t get it.   Dude needs to go.

I want Sarah Palin for RNC chair.  I know alot of conservatives are hoping she’ll run for President, but I think Palin would do ALOT more good as party chair.  There she could clean out the RINO trash and bring the whole party back in line with true conservatism.  Plus, she has ALOT of influence in elections – which is what your party chair should be able to do – and she kicks rear end at fundraising.

Smells like DeDe

Breaking from the T&A, oh, I mean, TSA coverage, for some local political news…. It seems that George Allen of the “macaca” fame is trying to pull a fast one on the Republicans in Virginia.

Bearing Drift broke the story here. What it boils down to, is that all of the sudden, out of nowhere, Georgie-boy and his pals want to change how the process is done here in VA.

In Virginia the parties can select their nominees through the primary election process or through a convention. When choosing a state-wide nominee, the establishment generally prefers a primary as it favors establishment candidates with more name recognition and more money while conservatives prefer the convention.

via George Allen and The Virginia Republicans, I Don’t Believe They Get It! « Disrupt the Narrative.

See, George wants the nomination process for Senate in 2012 to be done by primary.  Normally this would be discussed and the vote would be held sometime next year around March.  But he wants the RPV (Republican Party of Virginia) to vote on it, and he wants that vote right now! /footstomp

Thing is, I actually prefer a primary.  I disagree with those who think that a primary gives more advantage to the party-backed favorite.  To those people I say, get off your duff and do something for the guy you want to win! Donate, either cash or time. Walk the streets, talk to the people, phone bank, etc.  Don’t whine and cry about how unfair the system is, or how much money it takes.  Go do something about it.

As Virginia Virtucon points out:

For those who believe that deciding on a separate primary early works best to George Allen’s advantage, I would caution that all it does is give potential opponents like Corey Stewart and Bob Marshall more time to raise their profiles statewide and fundraise.

I think Virginians, especially those of us in the Tea Party Movement need to realize that change has come, and not all change is bad. This could wind up being a good thing in the long run.

However. I do not like the feel of this hurry-up, backroom, vote-now-before-anyone-realizes-we’re-doing-this move.  This looks too much like an attempt to influence voters and crown George Allen, a proven loser, as nominee 2 years in advance.  Smells a little too much like Dede Scozzafava to me.

Memo to the RPV – the silent majority has been awakened, and ya’ll aren’t safe just because you have an “R” by your name.

Karl Rove is skeerd of Conservative Wimmins

After hearing about all the trash talking Rove is doing on fellow Republican and Tea-Party Favorite, the conservative Christine O’Donnell, only conclusion I can come to is that Rove is scared.  Whether he is scared of strong conservative women in general, or scared of Sarah Palin and taking it out on people she endorses…  I’m not sure.  But dude needs to shut his ever-loving mouth and quit helping the other side!

After watching this video, I’m thinking it may be more the Palin thing:

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Especially when I read this on NPR of all places:

Something about O’Donnell really seems to rub Rove the wrong way. Could it be that O’Donnell is supported by Sarah Palin and that the former Alaska governor and Rove are well known to be not be each other’s biggest fans, to put it diplomatically.

An Open Letter to the GOP

I recently received yet another email begging for money. I can not, in good faith, support the RNC. I didn’t leave the party, the party left me. Many things led up to this conclusion, but the RNC backing of Dede Scozzafava was the last straw.

Do something that proves you will return to the conservatives values America still holds dear. Listen, really listen, to what the Tea Party is asking for. Back politicians that will do what the people want, not old RINOs (Republican In Name Only) just because they’ve been in Congress so long.

Get rid of the caucus. It’s stupid, and can lead to voter intimidation. Make all primaries nationwide a secret ballot. And for Heaven’s sake! Close the ever lovin’ primaries so the Democrats can’t infiltrate our ranks and give us a RINO like John McCain again.

Prove to me that the party is worth supporting, and I will support it again. Until then, you will not see a dime from me.