If they can tax it, they’ll legalize it.

The bill would direct the Treasury Department to license and regulate Internet gambling operations, while a companion measure, pending before another committee, would allow the Internal Revenue Service to tax such businesses. Winnings by individuals would also be taxed, as regular gambling winnings are now. The taxes could yield as much as $42 billion for the government over 10 years, supporters said.

via Congress Is Rethinking Its Ban on Internet Gambling – NYTimes.com.

What’s next? I know! Let’s legalize Marijuana, that way the government can tax the heck out of it’s sales like they do cigarettes.

Oy vey.

SCOTUS tells ACORN to go away.

The Supreme Court has turned down ACORN’s request for help in its lawsuit claiming Congress was wrong to shut off the activist group’s federal funding. (Source)

So, what happened was, O’Keefe and Giles did a bit of undercover journalism, and caught a whole bunch of ACORN employees – across the country, mind you, not just in one office – trying to help a pimp and ho hide an illegal brothel and launder the money for the pimp’s political aspirations.  Brietbart gave these two crazy kids a place to get the information out with the launch of BigGovernment.com, and the story went viral.

Then Congress decided it had to do something to avoid the bad press it was getting for having awarded ACORN so much cash in it’s various stimulus bills, etc.  So Congress voted to de-fund ACORN.  No more federal monies for the shady “community rights” group.

ACORN sued. A friendly judge said, oh no… Congress has no right to stop giving you the taxpayer’s money, just because you help people game the system, and possibly participated in massive voter fraud.

Then an Appeals Court judge said, um, dude? what was that first judge smoking? Of course Congress can de-fund your sorry behinds.

So ACORN tried to take it up with the Supreme Court, to get back the money that the Appeals Court told them they couldn’t have after all.  But SCOTUS rightfully told ACORN to take a hike.  Thus, Congress’ de-funding of ACORN has been upheld by the Appeals Court, and stands. Awesome.

Nancy & Co are making their own rules to pass Obamacare.

So now Democratic leaders say they’ll package a two-for-one vote: Moving the original Senate bill simultaneously with a “reconciliation” bill — thus, if the House votes for the bill of fixes, the main Senate bill will be deemed to also have passed. Then the reconciliation bill will go back to the Senate, where it only needs 50 votes (plus Vice President Joe Biden's) to pass.

Hmm. Nowhere in the US Constitution does it say that Congress can deem a bill to have passed. Pelosi & Co. aren’t just making up policy as they go, but also procedure — possibly unconstitutional procedure, at that. All to enact a bill remaking a sixth of the US economy over the 3-1 opposition of the American people.

via Nancy’s nutty new rules – NYPOST.com.

Doesn’t surprise me…

Rep. Joe Sestak , a Pennsylvania Democrat, says the White House dangled a federal job in front of him to convince him to drop his primary challenge against incumbent Arlen Specter.
(Source FOXNews.com)

Then, later in the story you find this tidbit:

During the same period this summer, the White House played an active role in clearing the primary for Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand in the New York primary. President Obama persuaded Rep. Steve Israel not to challenge Gillibrand, and the White House may have figured prominently in Rep. Carolyn Maloney’s decision to stay out of the race. Harold Ford, who is mulling a challenge against Gillibrand, has warned the White House not to bully him.

It’s enough to make me want to stick my head in the sand.

I haven’t been posting here lately, mostly because I’ve been dealing with this, and this.  So now that I am finally starting to get back in the swing of things, well, lets just say, I want to just close my eyes and ignore it all.  Is it just me?  Or does it feel like we are getting hit from all sides so hard and so fast, it’s almost impossible to keep up with everything that’s going down right now?

There’s the assault on the second amendment. Look up the “Blair Holt Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009″.  It’s a bill designed to force everyone to register their weapons with the Fed. That way the Fed will know who has what when they come knocking.

The Un-Fairness Doctrine.  Don’t be fooled. They are pushing this one under the guise of “locality”.  Read this. Definitive.

The total lack of respect for the American Military & Military Families, in the the form of allowing photographers to publish photos of the caskets of dead military. (source, one of many)

CPSIA. I recently got word that local charities are just throwing out huge amounts of merchandise (books, clothing, & toys meant for th 12 & under set) rather then risk being in violation of this one. Sad. (source, CPSC website)

the UN Convention of the Rights of a Child.  This thing is bad juju. (source, ParentalRights.org)

The mortgage bailout.  Wait. Didn’t we do that once already?  Join a #teaparty if you can find one and fight this thing.

The porkulus bill.  Did you realize that Nationalized Health Care was hidden in there?

Nationalized Health Care.

President Barack Obama proposed spending $634 billion to expand U.S. health care, financing the “down payment” with increased taxes on wealthy Americans and less government money for some drugmakers and health insurers. (source)

Did you see the Tax Increases in that last item? Don’t think it won’t affect you in our trickle-down economy.

And don’t forget about the States, which are all starting to get really pissed at the Obama Administration’s overstepping boundaries with their Urban Affairs Cabinet guy (source) and so much more. A few governors are refusing to take federal money from the prokulus.  Several states are even reasserting there State Sovereignty powers.  There have been whispers of secession if the Feds don’t back off. (source)

The truly frustrating thing is feeling extremely useless.  They have the power.  All of this stuff will happen.  And as long as the Democrats in congress continue to ignore thier constituents…  Well…  All we have left is prayer.

Do not be fooled!

The ruckus over Nancy Pelosi’s contraception funding stripped Tuesday night by the House Rules committee along with the $200 million to refurbish the National Mall is the tip of the iceberg. Despite President Obama’s vow to prevent earmarks from bogging down the bill, the package is stuffed with goodies for every special interest group from left-wing fraudsters ACORN and other subprime shakedown activists $4 billion for “neighborhood stabilization” to Hollywood $246 million in new targeted tax breaks to universal health care promotion $600 million to dubious “green job” projects $24 billion. More fundamentally, there is no there there.

On Monday night, the Congressional Budget Office sent out a full analysis of the House stimulus bill — elaborating on the partial number-crunching that were disseminated last week by Republican Hill sources. The new report elaborates on what the first one illuminated: the vaunted infrastructure spending will take years and years and years to kick in. Just 7 percent of the total $800 billion-plus stimulus funding would enter the economy by the end of this year.

via Michelle Malkin » Stop, thief Kill the bill, melt the phones.

Make no mistake, this is no “stimulus”.  This is a pork barrel. $650 BILLION, with a B, to fund more of those “digital TV Converter Box” things.  What?   2.4 Billion, with a B, for some kind of “Carbon-Capture Contest”.  What? <-source->

Please do not be fooled. This is no “stimulus” package! This bill is 80% pork. It has been said that the money won’t be available until mid 2010, 2011.  This will do nothing but saddle my children’s children with a huge national debt.

Government is not the answer.  The government is taking your money in the form of taxes, and essentially telling you they know how to spend your money better then you do.  They don’t.  Government is the reason we are in this mess.

So what would help?  What would stimulate the economy quickly? The fastest way out of a recession would be to cut taxes, across the board.  Why would that work?  Economics 101, you ready?  It would keep the money in the hands of the people. Seriously.  Government types always fear that cutting tax mean they will have less money, but they are wrong!  If you cut the income tax, I can keep more of my money.  If I have more money, I can buy more things like, say, toys for my kids.  If alot of us have more money, and buy more toys, then the toy company has an increase in demand. That means they will have to hire new people to make the toys so they can keep the supply up with the demand. More new hires mean more people paying taxes on their earnings.  I’ve explained this before.

Please go to www.house.gov and find your congressman and tell him/her to vote no!  Help us Melt the Phones, and let your congressmen know where you stand!