Endorsements Are Rolling In!

After winning the TechPac endorsement a few days ago, Ken Cuccinelli now has several more endorsements to talk about. Radio Talk show personality Mark Levin appeared with Mr. Cuccinelli at a rally in Sterling, VA on Constitution Day, September 14th, where he said;

“This is my county, this is my state, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to watch Terry McAuliffe be governor Virginia. If he want’s to run for governor of Maryland I’ll understand it. But this is Virginia and we have to draw a line somewhere in this country and we’re drawing it right here in Virginia!”



Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., (left) listens to Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, the Republican candidate for Virginia’s governor, before they attended a luncheon in Richmond on Monday.

BOB BROWN | Richmond Times-Dispatch
via the Roanoke Times

A few days later, Senator Marco Rubio announced his support for Cuccinelli.

“If we lose this election, this individual running for governor will make Virginia a harder place to start a business or grow an existing one, and he will make it a harder place to innovate,” said Rubio, referring to McAuliffe but not mentioning his name.”


The entire CuJO (Cuccinelli, Jackson, Obenshain) ticket has also received the VCDL endorsement. From their Facebook page:

VCDL-PAC is pleased to announce its endorsement of Ken Cuccinelli for Governor, E.W. Jackson for Lt. Governor, and Mark Obenshain for Attorney General.

Collectively, AG Cuccinelli, E.W. Jackson, and Sen. Obenshain represent one of the strongest ever pro-second amendment tickets in recent Virginia history. From Sen. Cuccinelli’s and Sen. Obenshain’s carrying and patroning pro-second amendment bills, plus their numerous pro-second amendment votes while serving in the Virginia Senate, to E.W. Jackson’s
unabashed vocal stance for your individual rights, Virginia gun owners are in excellent shape. That is, if we can win and get them into office.

Guns Save Lives!  VCDL Endorses Cuccinelli

Guns Save Lives!
VCDL Endorses Cuccinelli

The good news is, we still have some great friends in these three candidates. The bad news is, I haven’t seen a slate of Democrats more hostile to law-abiding gun owners since I left the People’s Republic of New Jersey in 1986. With a McAuliffe administration supported
financially by gun grabber Michael Bloomberg, “give me your bullets” Eric Holder, and turncoat Republicans calling for “common sense gun control”, Virginia gun owners could be facing not just a frustrating holding period for four years, but an outright disaster in the fight to preserve our gun rights.

A Lt. Governor Jackson provides Virginia gun owners with the tie breaking pro-gun vote in a toss up Senate. A Governor Cuccinelli provides a pro-second amendment signature to gun legislation and is not afraid to have gun bills come across his desk. Cuccinelli is a fighter
for individual rights and will not stand for back room games like those that have killed so many pro-second amendment bills over the years. An Attorney General Obenshain who, like Cuccinelli, is not afraid to carry a pro-second amendment bill, represents precisely the kind of leadership gun owners can trust in the Attorney General’s office.

I have it on good authority that forces within the Virginia Republican Party are trying to drive Virginia Republicans “to the center.” Make no mistake, this means throwing gun owners under the bus.

Being attacked by liberal Democrats is nothing new. Weak Republican Party leadership diluting party principles, combined with a Lt. Governor Northam breaking tie votes in favor of gun control would be disastrous. There is only one way to prevent it. We need decisive victories this November. Not just one, or a few, but a series of them, to show Virginia Republicans “Hey, principles matter, and I’m standing firm!” VCDL-PAC is non-partisan, but there is a decided attempt to shift, or more accurately, abandon stated Republican Party principles in favor of “pragmatism” and “common sense” gun control.



CONTACT the campaigns below and ask their grassroots coordinators what you can do to help turn out the vote and support the campaigns.

Cuccinelli for Governor: Noah Wall, Grassroots Coordinator,
noah@cuccinelli.com 703-766-0635

Jackson for Lt. Governor: Daniel Bradshaw,
Daniel@jacksonforlg.com 757-802-4246

Obenshain for Attorney General: Chris Leavitt, Campaign Manager,
chris@markobenshain.com 804-482-0574

Please STEP UP and do what VCDL members do so well in showing their support all across the Commonwealth when it comes to your gun rights. We are all really going to need it this time. VCDL members are the firewall. It is a pleasure to be associated with such a diverse group
of citizens who care about our rights.

And finally, J. Christopher Sterns – who ran in the GOP Primary for the 14th District State Senate seat this last year – has posted this statement to his personal Facebook page:

I am a libertarian and I’m proud to support Ken Cuccinelli for Governor.

Libertarian Party candidate, Robert Sarvis, is an intelligent man and has good intentions, but the Republican Party of Virginia has nominated one of the most libertarian candidates in its modern history – and that’s Ken Cuccinelli.

Don’t feed into the propaganda from McAuliffe’s campaign. Ken isn’t a far-right extremist, but a defender of the rule-of-law and a principled believer in truly limited government.

We need lower taxes, less regulatory restrictions from Richmond and less government in our lives. The only candidate capable of making that a legitimate reality is Ken Cuccinelli.

State Senators and Others Try To Stop Tech Pac’s Endorsement of Cuccinelli!

The reasoning behind the NVTC TechPAC’s nod — Cuccinelli had detailed responses to questions in candidate interviews, three board members said, while McAuliffe was uninformed and superficial — bolsters the view that the Democrat’s breezy style doesn’t sit well with some Virginians. Two of the people said they were leaning toward Cuccinelli before the interviews; one disliked both candidates.

Cuccinelli impressed the board’s majority as a serious, detail-oriented candidate while McAuliffe seemed to wing it, according to three board members present for the interviews who spoke on the condition of anonymity to speak frankly.

“Terry was his normal, flamboyant self,” said a board member present for both interviews. “He didn’t want to get pinned down to any details. He didn’t give any details. He was all about jobs, jobs, jobs — ‘I’m just going to take care of the situation when the time comes. I’m just going to do it.’ It was all [expletive].”

Cuccinelli, by contrast, the person said, “was precise. He was thoughtful. He thought through all the issues. He had a clear position on all those issues, and he didn’t agree with the council on all the issues.”

Two people present said that in response to a question about how he’d accomplish his goals as governor, McAuliffe told the PAC board that as an Irish Catholic he’d be adept at taking people out for drinks and doing whatever it takes to get things done. McAuliffe is well known as a schmoozer, but he seemed to badly misread his methodical audience with that answer, several of those present said.

On a question about whether Virginia should stay in something called the “open-trade-secrets pact,” Cuccinelli gave a thoroughly researched response, the person said.

But McAuliffe answered, according to the source: “ ‘I don’t know what that is. I’ll have to look it up later.’ And then he turns back to the guy [who asked] and said ‘Well, what do you think we should do?’ And the guy says, ‘We want Virginia to stay in it.’ And then Terry says, ‘Okay, we will.’ ” (source)

So after McAuliffe bombed his interview with the Northern Virginia Technology Council, a few State Senators, and even our out-going Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling made calls on behalf of Terry McAuliffe.

“The pressure is hot and heavy,” Dendy Young, TechPAC chairman and chief executive of McLean Capital, wrote in an e-mail to TechPAC members Sunday morning. Young wrote that he received calls Saturday from Sen. Mark R. Warner (D-Va.), Lt. Governor Bill Bolling (R) and Aneesh Chopra, the former U.S. chief technology officer and Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor. Young also said that, on the other side of the issue, Cuccinelli called him, too.

“I urge you to stop any endorsement of Cuccinelli,” state Sen. Janet D. Howell (D-Fairfax), told PAC leaders Friday in an e-mail. “The ramifications of his being endorsed will be huge within the Senate Democratic caucus. . . . The response [from legislators] will be frigid and doors will be closed [when the council seeks help with its legislative agenda]. Achieving the goals of NVTC will be difficult to impossible.”

Senate Minority Leader Richard L. Saslaw (D-Fairfax) and Sen. Barbara Favola (D-Arlington) seconded those sentiments in their e-mails. In interviews, the senators said the messages should not be perceived as threats but as expressions of their frustration, given Cuccinelli’s opposition this year to the council’s top legislative priority: passage of a transportation funding overhaul. McAuliffe publicly supported the $1.4 billion-a-year plan; Cuccinelli opposed it as a “massive tax increase” but has said on the campaign trail that he would not seek its repeal as governor.

At least 3 State Senators effectively tried to threaten NVTC Tech-PAC into not endorsing Cuccinelli. Fun times.

Read the full WaPo article here, and for more information here, and here.

Smear Campaign Under Way

Today, the Virginian Pilot ran a story with the headline,”Cuccinelli, Marines disagree on why his duty ended“. The gist of the headline & first few paragraphs is that Cuccinelli has been lying about his very brief time in the Marine Reserves. Keep in mind, the State AG has never made a big deal of his short time in the Marine Reserve Forces. When the topic has come up before official response has been that Cuccinelli was released from service because they no longer had need of him. Buried deep in the story is this bit:

“Ken successfully completed OCS and was commissioned a Marine Corps Officer. He was deactivated to complete law school, and the Marines never reactivated him, as they had over-recruited lawyers and they refused his request to switch to the infantry. So, aside from OCS, Ken never served on active duty.”

That’s consistent with what he told a Virginian-Pilot reporter during the 2009 campaign. But his response caught the attention of a Marine public affairs officer who recently told the attorney general’s office that while most of the statement is correct, “the second sentence may be technically accurate for the most part, but what it communicates is not.”

In other words, Cuccinelli is telling the truth, but Major Hanley wants him to clarify his record better. Cuccinelli is camp has done so. Not only has the campaign provided evidence of Cuccinelli’s Honorable Discharge, a campaign senior strategist, Chris LaCivita offered the following clarification:

Discord with the Marines, Cuccinelli senior strategist Chris LaCivita suggested, is over how the campaign explained the candidate’s separation from the service by blaming it on over-recruitment.

“Ken was told by his recruiter in 1995 that the Marine Corps over-recruited lawyers … and a Marine Corps public affairs officer’s current opinion doesn’t change that,” said LaCivita, a former Marine.

Haney said her initial message to Cuccinelli was informed by official records, including staffing levels at the time, not a personal opinion.

LaCivita said Cuccinelli resigned his commission after being strung along about when a training slot would be available to him so his active duty service could resume, putting his career on hold without employment as Cuccinelli’s wife was pregnant with their first child.

To support that, the campaign produced a copy of an August 1995 letter Cuccinelli sent to then U.S. Sen. John Warner seeking his assistance in resolving his resignation request to the Marines.

What really caught my eye was this (emphasis mine):

Major Shawn Haney wrote that in a March 25 email to Cuccinelli spokesman Brian Gottstein, advising him that a reporter had inquired about Cuccinelli’s Marine record and asked if the campaign had since updated its stance on his service. Haney’s message did not spell out the specific inaccuracy and she declined to elaborate, citing legal privacy standards.

This means that this whole article is the result of a reporter digging for dirt. Ok, I get that, that is the job of journalists after all. However, a quick search of the Pilot’s online archive for Terry McAuliffe, the democrat running for Governor against Cuccinelli reveals this:

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Of the 8 stories listed on the first page of the search, two articles are from 2009! One of the old posts is UNfavorable to Terry McAuliffe, detailing charges made by Democrat nominees that give a pretty good case for why Terry should NOT be Governor of VA. The other brags about Terry McAuliffe’s ties to Bill Clinton, a person who is still much loved by Democrats.

Of the remaining 6 stories;

– One is a blog post that is completely UNfavorable to BOTH candidates.
– One article is UNfavorable to McAuliffe
– One is a poll connected to another story on the search page.
– Three of the articles are FAVORABLE to Terry McAuliffe, one of them going so far as to link Cuccinelli to a trumped-up, media hack job scandal.

So, in total, of the 8 stories on the first page of search results for Terry McAuliffe, half of the articles are favorable to Terry, and only 2 of the articles were old.

Click to enlarge

On the other hand, a quick search for Ken Cuccinelli turns up 8 articles, but all of them are old! The latest article on the first page of the search is dated November 2012.

Of the 8 stories, all older than 8 months:

– One is a poll relating to another story in the search
– Two are Favorable to Ken Cuccinelli.
– Five are UNfavorable to the AG.

So, more than half of the 8 articles are UNfavorable to Ken, and ALL of them are old.

This is what we are up against people. The biggest lesson I learned Andrew Breitbart was not to allow the media to control the narrative. We have got to be aware of this stuff, and we have got to push back.


UPDATED: IRS also targets States run by Conservatives

AG & Gubernatorial Candidate Ken Cuccinelli says that the Federal Government is holding onto money owed VA for Medicare Fraud.

“Later, Treasury officials told us they wouldn’t even turn over the $95 million because of the sequester. This is despite the fact that it’s not federal money, but money that a private defendant paid to settle a case – money which was to be turned over shortly thereafter to our office and the other agencies involved in the investigation,” Cuccinelli says in the attorney general’s release. “Now the hold-up is the IRS, which, according to the Treasury Department, refuses to complete its paperwork so the money can be properly distributed,” he continued. “…It doesn’t take a year to complete the paperwork.”

So it now seems that the IRS is also targeting states run by conservatives. But then again, we already knew the Obama Administration was targeting Virginia. That was obvious when they shut down JFCOM the way they did, among other things.

Read More

UPDATE:  Because Ken Cuccinelli gets results:

Calling out the Internal Revenue Service, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli on Wednesday said the federal agency was past due in returning $115 million to the state.

Hours later, Cuccinelli’s office announced that federal officials pledged to settle up.

Read it here.