Nuttier than a fruitcake, or victim of a scam?

So far, Mike Lindell’s big Cyber Symposium, where he was going to release terabytes of data that he’s spent millions to verify, is a bust. It’s only day one of three though, maybe things will get better – but I highly doubt it. He’s already made a complete fool of himself, screaming that he wouldn’t take a break, he’d be on air for 72-hours straight! just before wandering off stage.


So far, Mr. Lindell has yet to show any real evidence of anything, other than some hex files that he’s shown in his previous “documentaries”. Those files are likely from a dubious source, and don’t seem to actually prove what Mr. Lindell thinks they prove. Lead Stories has shown the links between Lindell’s “evidence” and a man named Dennis Montgomery. The same Dennis Montgomery that Gateway Pundit has called out for being a scam artist. As Joe Hoft, Jim “Gateway Pundit” Hoft’s twin brother, wrote:

Anything connected to Dennis Montgomery is suspect based on what is known about this guy.  The real question is who is backing this huckster or is he on his own?

UNCOVERED: Conman With Long History of Deceit, Dennis Montgomery, Inserted False Information Into Election Fraud Investigation, Who’s Paying Him?
Go read this whole thread. it’s great. Rob will be adding to it as the Symposium continues.

Now, Lindell called Rob Graham out, from the stage today, as one of his detractors, conveniently when the tech guys were all in a breakout session, supposedly getting access to the data. . However, after combing through his twitter feed and website, Rob appears to be a reasonable person, who goes where the data sends him, not his politics. He appears to routinely call out both sides of the political spectrum. This article he wrote explaining why people don’t trust the scientists, as well as this twitter thread explaining how the tech world lost it’s credibility are both great examples of his ability to call out both sides for being dumb.

Smells like DeDe

Breaking from the T&A, oh, I mean, TSA coverage, for some local political news…. It seems that George Allen of the “macaca” fame is trying to pull a fast one on the Republicans in Virginia.

Bearing Drift broke the story here. What it boils down to, is that all of the sudden, out of nowhere, Georgie-boy and his pals want to change how the process is done here in VA.

In Virginia the parties can select their nominees through the primary election process or through a convention. When choosing a state-wide nominee, the establishment generally prefers a primary as it favors establishment candidates with more name recognition and more money while conservatives prefer the convention.

via George Allen and The Virginia Republicans, I Don’t Believe They Get It! « Disrupt the Narrative.

See, George wants the nomination process for Senate in 2012 to be done by primary.  Normally this would be discussed and the vote would be held sometime next year around March.  But he wants the RPV (Republican Party of Virginia) to vote on it, and he wants that vote right now! /footstomp

Thing is, I actually prefer a primary.  I disagree with those who think that a primary gives more advantage to the party-backed favorite.  To those people I say, get off your duff and do something for the guy you want to win! Donate, either cash or time. Walk the streets, talk to the people, phone bank, etc.  Don’t whine and cry about how unfair the system is, or how much money it takes.  Go do something about it.

As Virginia Virtucon points out:

For those who believe that deciding on a separate primary early works best to George Allen’s advantage, I would caution that all it does is give potential opponents like Corey Stewart and Bob Marshall more time to raise their profiles statewide and fundraise.

I think Virginians, especially those of us in the Tea Party Movement need to realize that change has come, and not all change is bad. This could wind up being a good thing in the long run.

However. I do not like the feel of this hurry-up, backroom, vote-now-before-anyone-realizes-we’re-doing-this move.  This looks too much like an attempt to influence voters and crown George Allen, a proven loser, as nominee 2 years in advance.  Smells a little too much like Dede Scozzafava to me.

Memo to the RPV – the silent majority has been awakened, and ya’ll aren’t safe just because you have an “R” by your name.