ER wait times will grow.

File this one under “DUH!”   Tea Partiers and Conservatives (and no, they aren’t always the same thing) said this months ago, before Obamacare was passed.  Looks like now that it has been rammed down our throats despite over 60% of the American people saying they did NOT want it…  now the Main Stream Media decides to catch up…

Emergency rooms, the only choice for patients who can’t find care elsewhere, may grow even more crowded with longer wait times under the nation’s new health law.

That might come as a surprise to those who thought getting 32 million more people covered by health insurance would ease ER crowding. It would seem these patients would be able to get routine health care by visiting a doctor’s office, as most of the insured do.

But it’s not that simple. Consider:

_There’s already a shortage of front-line family physicians in some places and experts think that will get worse.

_People without insurance aren’t the ones filling up the nation’s emergency rooms. Far from it. The uninsured are no more likely to use ERs than people with private insurance, perhaps because they’re wary of huge bills.

_The biggest users of emergency rooms by far are Medicaid recipients. And the new health insurance law will increase their ranks by about 16 million. Medicaid is the state and federal program for low-income families and the disabled. And many family doctors limit the number of Medicaid patients they take because of low government reimbursements.

_ERs are already crowded and hospitals are just now finding solutions.

Rand Corp. researcher Dr. Arthur L. Kellermann predicts this from the new law: “More people will have coverage and will be less afraid to go to the emergency department if they’re sick or hurt and have nowhere else to go…. We just don’t have other places in the system for these folks to go.”

via Health overhaul may mean longer ER waits, crowding – Yahoo! News.

Woman Dies Because of a Toilet Brush

From the land of socialized medicine, Britain, a woman died on the operating table 4 years after a drunken fall left her with a 6 inch toilet brush handle stuck in her derriere.

You see, she fell in 2005. It was 2 years before any doctor would take her seriously. In 2007, 2 operations failed to remove the handle. 2 years later, she was in so much pain, she opted for a dangerous, and eventually fatal operation. The problem – the handle had been embedded in her butt for so long, it was now part of her pelvis.

Oh yes, her husband is suing.

“OK she was drunk, but they didn’t take her seriously,” he said. “She showed them the wound, but they didn’t do a proper examination. I think it was probably down to the hospitals trying to save money and doing things as cheaply as possible.” source

Did you catch that last bit? This went unnoticed for 2 years because the hospitals were “trying to save money and doing things as cheaply as possible.” That is socialized medicine for you. And that is what America is headed for with Obamacare. Fun times, huh?

Dems Hid Damning Health Care Report Before Vote

From Gateway Pundit, via Dana Loesch:

A damning health care report generated by actuaries at the Health and Human Services HHS Department was given to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius more than a week before the health care vote. She hid the report from the public until a month after democrats rammed their nationalized health care bill through Congress.

Don’t buy the hype – GM still stands for “Government Motors”

General Motors is running ads on all the major networks this week claiming it has repaid its bailout from the taxpayers “in full.” But the claim isn’t standing up to scrutiny from lawmakers and government watchdogs who have found that the automaker was able to repay the bailout money only by dipping into a separate pot of bailout funds.

via – GM Could Be in Hot Water With FTC Over Truth in Advertising.

It’s like the plot of a bad movie.

In what sounds very much like the plot to a movie, the Obama Administration’s “science advisor” has decided to stop Global Warming by polluting the air.

One such extreme option includes shooting pollution particles into the upper atmosphere to reflect the sun’s rays. Holdren said such an experimental measure would only be used as a last resort.

“It’s got to be looked at,” he said. “We don’t have the luxury of taking any approach off the table.”


Wait.  Did he just say they would intentionally pollute the Earth’s atmosphere if need be??

First thought that popped in my head when I heard this –

Excuse me?  Global warming?  Oh yea, that’s why it’s in the freaking 30’s & 40’s here on the southern East Coast – in APRIL!  Geez…  If this is “global warming” then it’s not warm enough yet.  I want spring & summer!

Second thought –

Wasn’t this the plot to a movie? Wasn’t it something like Matrix 3 where it was discovered that humans had tried to block the sun to turn off the solar-powered machines?

Third thought –

Wait, did he just say they would be purposefully polluting the Earth’s atmosphere?  So….  SUVs and aerosol cans can’t be all that bad then, huh?

Fourth thought –

Just who the hell do we think we are?  Block the sun?  Seriously?

Fifth thought –

What happens when another country says, “NO!  We don’t want this!”  Are we so arrogant that we would say “we don’t care what you think, we know what’s best, so screw you.”  Sadly, I think the answer to that is, yes, we are the arrogant.

Ugh.  Hope-n-Change ya’ll!

Obama adresses Congress – my take.


Blah blah blah.

Dude, he promised to cure cancer.  He also declared that no one would be allowed to drop out of high school anymore.  He claims to support the troops, and swears that he will not allow Terrorists in foriegn countries to plot against us, that we will be strong!  Then turns around and proclaims that he has closed gitmo.  Sorry, but, closing Gitmo does not make America strong.   He announced that he would repeal the Bush tax cuts on the top 2% of Americans, but give a tax break to the bottom 95% of Americans.  The problem with those numbers it that the top 5% of American earners pay over 50% of the tax burden already! (source)  There was more, but really, all I ever hear when he speaks is Charlie Brown’s Teacher, “Wah wah wah, wah wah wah wah.”

Best tweet of the night goes to Dana Loesch aka Mamalogues:

Who knew there were so many fancy ways to say “All your monies are belong to us?”

Love it.

Bobby Jindal’s response was awesome.  I love this quote,

Some in Washington say that government. will rescue us from economic storms raging all around us. Those of us who lived through Hurricane Katrina, we have our doubts.

Awesome! WTG Bobby!   I say Palin/Jindal 2012!

Meanwhile, everytime Obama makes another speech, I can’t help but think of the quote from Revenge of the Sith:

“So this is how liberty dies, to thunderous applause.” Padme Amidala

Facebook listens to us at least.

There was a bit of fuss this last week over Facebook’s new TOS.  They had changed it to pretty much mean that even if you delete your account, they still own the data.  The People got outraged! And rightfully so.  Some folks were even interpretting the new TOS to mean that merely linking to content on an external site gave Facebook permission to use it.  I have a Facebook account, and was counting my lucky stars that I had never linked up any of my blogs or Flickr account.

This morning, I woke up to this:

In a Facebook posting on Wednesday, Mr. Zuckerberg said: “A couple of weeks ago, we revised our terms of use hoping to clarify some parts for our users. Over the past couple of days, we received a lot of questions and comments about the changes and what they mean for people and their information. Based on this feedback, we have decided to return to our previous terms of use while we resolve the issues that people have raised.”

via Facebook Withdraws Changes in Data Use –

So Facebook has reinstated their old TOS in the face of massive opposition to the new one. Yea Interwebz!  Power of the people does work!  Now if only we could get Prez ObeyMe, Queen Rat Pelosi & the rest government to listen to us…  *shaking head*  oh well..

The facebook thing is good news though.