Post 2015 CNN GOP Debate Analysis

2015Debate-JindalFrom the Not-So-Happy Hour Debate: Jindal shined brightest on a stage that left most people saying, “Who are these guys again?” He scored right off the bat by saying Trump is no conservative, or Republican, and we all need to stop pretending he is. He scored again while correcting Tapper on his stance on immigration with, “immigration without assimilation is invasion.”  He got the best response when, during the Kim Davis question, he said he wanted the left to give us a list of approved jobs for Christians.  One of the best lines of the night belonged to Jindal, on the Iran deal:  “This is a bad deal. He’s declared war on trans fats and a ceasefire with the largest state-sanctioned sponsor of terrorism.”

Pataki said that he would not deport anyone, instead he would demand every illegal do community service in exchange for citizenship.  Maybe it’s just me, but that sounds an awful lot like slavery’s first cousin, indentured servitude.

Lindsey Graham did his best John “I served in Vietnam” Kerry impression by reminding everyone that he spent 33 years in the Air Force every 5 minutes.  He was a one hit wonder, by bringing almost every answer back around to the Middle East.  The only time he broke from his incessant “but the Middle East!” theme was during a back and forth with Santorum on an immigration question.  There is a reason Rush Limbaugh nicknamed Lindsey “Grahamnesty”.  As far as he’s concerned it’s just impossible to deport 11 million, so we shouldn’t event try. He proceeded to interrupt Santorum by just spouting out random words that may or may not have had anything to do with the question.  Ugh.  When he got his turn (Santorum stayed quiet & let him speak), he somehow turned the question right back around to the Middle East. Not. Kidding.

Santorum, a former congressman, thinks that what we all should know him for is his prolific ability to reproduce.  He is especially proud of his special needs daughter who is the “heart and core of my heart.”  After that stumble, Santorum was most notable for his Herman Cain impression.  Apparently “20-20” is the new “9-9-9.” Santorum also said he’d raise the minimum wage because only less than 1% of people are stuck on it, and we need to because #caring.  Problem is, he’s wrong. At least 2.6% of Americans are working minimum wage jobs, the majority of whom are young people, the type who do not need a “living wage”, just the experience those jobs provide.

From the Main Stage: Fiorina crushed it.  Chica dropped all the mics. Every time she had a chance to speak, she nailed it.  One of the audience favorites was her response to the stupid, “which woman would you want on the 10 dollar bill?” She said no one, she wouldn’t change the $10 because that’s nothing but an empty gesture. She continued by pointing out that women are not a special interest group, but the majority.2015debate-carly-women

Trump opened by insulting Rand Paul, and just kept up with the insults all night long. He continue to avoid specifics. Honestly people, we’ve already elected someone who speaks in broad generalities and sold empty platitudes.  Look where that got us.  The vine video of the Donald making all the emoji faces in 7 seconds is pretty funny.

Huckabee was completely forgettable. His only shining moment was his opening joke about the GOP being the A-Team, with the Donald being our Mr. T.  Sigh.

I know Kasich was on stage, but I don’t remember a dang thing he said.


Cruz is a great guy, but he looks like a lump on the debate stage. My mother’s friend said he reminded her of Grampa Munster, and now I can’t get that picture out of my head.  You’re welcome America.

Jeb’s best moments were when he copped to smoking weed 40 years ago, and defended his brother.  Other than that, he looked like an angry little man who couldn’t decide if he wanted everyone else to just go away, or if he wanted to go home and forget all this crap.

Rand Paul played to his father’s demographic by saying he’d never get us involved in a war, and he’d totes legalize pot. He’s got the vote of the 420 crowd all sewn up – that is, if they aren’t too buzzed to remember to show up and vote on election day.  Otherwise, he is most known for being Trump’s favorite punching bag.

Chris Christie tried his best to take both Donald and Carly down a peg during the question about their business record.  “No one cares about your career!” he whined.  Carly effectively shut him down when she pointed out that he & the other politicians on stage had just spent the last hour & a half talking about their records, and bragging about all the stuff they’ve done in their careers.  Since neither she, nor Donald or Carson, have a political voting record, their career is their record, and speaks to their leadership skills.  Like I said, Carly dropped all the mics.

Carson did ok.  His slow delivery is probably great when dealing with patients and families in his pediatric neurosurgery practice. Honestly, I’d be really comfortable with him as my kid’s doctor.  It just doesn’t translate well into politics.

Walker was there, somewhere.  His best line of the night came early in the debate during a back and forth with Trump.  “Just because Trump says it,doesn’t mean it’s true.” Lulz.

Rubio did a decent job.  His foreign policy answers were spot on.  His answer to Trump’s criticism of politicians who speak Spanish on the campaign trail was brilliant.

“I do give interviews in Spanish, and here’s why — because I believe that free enterprise and limited government is the best way to help people who are trying to achieve upward mobility.

And if they get their news in Spanish, I want them to hear that directly from me. Not from a translator at Univision.”

Yes people. You can argue all day for people to learn English, and I’ll agree with you.  But there is something to be said for reaching people in their native tongue.

But seriously ya’ll… Carly answer to Trump’s earlier statement criticizing her looks just won the night.

Pre-Debate Analysis

In the Happy-hour debate:  Everyone will lament Gov. Perry’s recent drop from the race, while secretly thanking their lucky stars he’s gone.  Then they will all take shots at Trump. Lindsay Graham, the human sponge, will try not to leave any puddles on the floor while he proves to be the squishiest of squishes.  Santorum will get the inevitable Kim Davis/Same-Sex marriage question, which he will attempt to answer in a way that defends the Christian faith without offending too many voters, all of which will be completely overshadowed by the giant stick he’s got rammed up his backside (all puns intended). Pataki will fail to do or say anything that will get him remembered by anyone, and Jindal will throw everything he has at Trump in a bid to get noticed.

debate-setOn the main stage:  Trump will monopolize the conversation, and say something so incredibly pig-headed and stupid that those who already dislike will cheer, thinking this is the moment the plebs see him for who he is. They will be wrong.  Rand Paul will launch more salvos at Trump and the two will get into a pissing contest right there on the stage. Chris Christie will join in, because this stage is only big enough for one huge ego from the NY/NJ area, thank you very much. Besides, being the big, straight-talking, angry guy with the awesome accent is his gig, and dammed if he will let Trump run away with this!  Marco Rubio will make some great points, and drop a few pop-culture references.  Ted Cruz will recall to mind legislation he worked on for every question asked, but will come off as whiny and soft.  Scott Walker will couch his brilliant answers in so much political double speak, no one will remember he was even there com tomorrow morning.   Dr. Ben Carson is just smart enough to say very little, except for the occasional “D.C. needs a lobotomy” joke.  Carly Fiorina will drop truth bombs every time she’s given the mic to talk, which won’t be all that often.  CNN can’t let her existence change the narrative that the GOP is a good ol’ boys club, so they will do all they can to ignore her.  Huckabee will be that awkward friend that hangs onto the edge of the crowd but doesn’t say much.  He will also get all the Kim Davis/Same-Sex marriage questions, in an attempt by CNN to beclown the entire Christian faith.  He will answer appropriately, and promptly drop out of the race next week.  Jeb Bush will stand there seething, wishing everyone would just get off the stage and let him have this already.

Projected Winner:  Carly Fiorina – provided she actually gets some speaking time.  Marco Rubio will score some nice hits.  However, Trump fans will all roundly declare him to be the winner, and call everyone who disagrees a “cuckservative”.

Endorsements Are Rolling In!

After winning the TechPac endorsement a few days ago, Ken Cuccinelli now has several more endorsements to talk about. Radio Talk show personality Mark Levin appeared with Mr. Cuccinelli at a rally in Sterling, VA on Constitution Day, September 14th, where he said;

“This is my county, this is my state, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to watch Terry McAuliffe be governor Virginia. If he want’s to run for governor of Maryland I’ll understand it. But this is Virginia and we have to draw a line somewhere in this country and we’re drawing it right here in Virginia!”



Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., (left) listens to Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, the Republican candidate for Virginia’s governor, before they attended a luncheon in Richmond on Monday.

BOB BROWN | Richmond Times-Dispatch
via the Roanoke Times

A few days later, Senator Marco Rubio announced his support for Cuccinelli.

“If we lose this election, this individual running for governor will make Virginia a harder place to start a business or grow an existing one, and he will make it a harder place to innovate,” said Rubio, referring to McAuliffe but not mentioning his name.”


The entire CuJO (Cuccinelli, Jackson, Obenshain) ticket has also received the VCDL endorsement. From their Facebook page:

VCDL-PAC is pleased to announce its endorsement of Ken Cuccinelli for Governor, E.W. Jackson for Lt. Governor, and Mark Obenshain for Attorney General.

Collectively, AG Cuccinelli, E.W. Jackson, and Sen. Obenshain represent one of the strongest ever pro-second amendment tickets in recent Virginia history. From Sen. Cuccinelli’s and Sen. Obenshain’s carrying and patroning pro-second amendment bills, plus their numerous pro-second amendment votes while serving in the Virginia Senate, to E.W. Jackson’s
unabashed vocal stance for your individual rights, Virginia gun owners are in excellent shape. That is, if we can win and get them into office.

Guns Save Lives!  VCDL Endorses Cuccinelli

Guns Save Lives!
VCDL Endorses Cuccinelli

The good news is, we still have some great friends in these three candidates. The bad news is, I haven’t seen a slate of Democrats more hostile to law-abiding gun owners since I left the People’s Republic of New Jersey in 1986. With a McAuliffe administration supported
financially by gun grabber Michael Bloomberg, “give me your bullets” Eric Holder, and turncoat Republicans calling for “common sense gun control”, Virginia gun owners could be facing not just a frustrating holding period for four years, but an outright disaster in the fight to preserve our gun rights.

A Lt. Governor Jackson provides Virginia gun owners with the tie breaking pro-gun vote in a toss up Senate. A Governor Cuccinelli provides a pro-second amendment signature to gun legislation and is not afraid to have gun bills come across his desk. Cuccinelli is a fighter
for individual rights and will not stand for back room games like those that have killed so many pro-second amendment bills over the years. An Attorney General Obenshain who, like Cuccinelli, is not afraid to carry a pro-second amendment bill, represents precisely the kind of leadership gun owners can trust in the Attorney General’s office.

I have it on good authority that forces within the Virginia Republican Party are trying to drive Virginia Republicans “to the center.” Make no mistake, this means throwing gun owners under the bus.

Being attacked by liberal Democrats is nothing new. Weak Republican Party leadership diluting party principles, combined with a Lt. Governor Northam breaking tie votes in favor of gun control would be disastrous. There is only one way to prevent it. We need decisive victories this November. Not just one, or a few, but a series of them, to show Virginia Republicans “Hey, principles matter, and I’m standing firm!” VCDL-PAC is non-partisan, but there is a decided attempt to shift, or more accurately, abandon stated Republican Party principles in favor of “pragmatism” and “common sense” gun control.



CONTACT the campaigns below and ask their grassroots coordinators what you can do to help turn out the vote and support the campaigns.

Cuccinelli for Governor: Noah Wall, Grassroots Coordinator, 703-766-0635

Jackson for Lt. Governor: Daniel Bradshaw, 757-802-4246

Obenshain for Attorney General: Chris Leavitt, Campaign Manager, 804-482-0574

Please STEP UP and do what VCDL members do so well in showing their support all across the Commonwealth when it comes to your gun rights. We are all really going to need it this time. VCDL members are the firewall. It is a pleasure to be associated with such a diverse group
of citizens who care about our rights.

And finally, J. Christopher Sterns – who ran in the GOP Primary for the 14th District State Senate seat this last year – has posted this statement to his personal Facebook page:

I am a libertarian and I’m proud to support Ken Cuccinelli for Governor.

Libertarian Party candidate, Robert Sarvis, is an intelligent man and has good intentions, but the Republican Party of Virginia has nominated one of the most libertarian candidates in its modern history – and that’s Ken Cuccinelli.

Don’t feed into the propaganda from McAuliffe’s campaign. Ken isn’t a far-right extremist, but a defender of the rule-of-law and a principled believer in truly limited government.

We need lower taxes, less regulatory restrictions from Richmond and less government in our lives. The only candidate capable of making that a legitimate reality is Ken Cuccinelli.