Goodbye is such a big part of our life.  I just felt the need to do something with the emotion.

Journaling says:

My love,
The hardest thing about being your wife, is having to watch you walk away.
Sometimes it seems that I am destined to watch you walk away for the rest of my life. Those first few hours without you, knowing you won’t be back for days/weeks/months, those are the the hardest. Eventually, I pull it together, & life moves on. But I will always miss you while you are gone. I feel your love, your support even from an ocean away, but I crave your arms around me. You are my soft place to fall.  My rock when the world seems to be against me. I miss not having you here, with me, but I understand why you must go.  So go.  Honor, Courage, & Commitment.
But please,
Hurry home.  We need you.
your loving wife


bkg – photo from the internet; my texture filter; overlayed some papers by Jackie Eckles (“Mass Transit” & “Modern”);
US NAVY tape – mine. Atomic Cupcake Embroidery action;
69- Fortuna Dot font; Atomic cupcake bling action;
Ship’s silhouette – US Navy dingbat font;
Postcard – Christina Renee (altered to add ships name);
stitching – DebF “Deb’s Go Tos”;
USS Ike Emblem – Internet;
SUX – HappyRobyn’s “War Alpha”;
Goodbye font – MA Sexy;
Journaling- Angelina font;
tape – Ztampf

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  1. Sheri says:

    Fantastic, and very heartfelt, layout! It brought tears to my eyes! My daughter left last week for the start of her first deployment, and my heart aches. Hang in there!! And big “thank you’s” to both your hubby for his service, and to you for standing by your soldier.


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