Yay! I’m scrapping again!  A page here, a page there…  nothing real consistent…  but I think I’ve done more pages this year already then I scrapped all year last year. Go me!

Anyway, these are about my recent foot surgery.

bkg & Journal block – Eva Kipler – Being Fresh
doodles – Kate Hadfield – Doctor Doctor & Bruises and Breaks
Frames – Nancy Comelab
Alpha – Zoe Pearn – Color Your Own
Font – Angelina (modified the “F” too look more like a foot)

Journaling – June 25, 2010, I had my second foot surgery, this time on my left heel. After not eating all morning, I arrived at the surgery center waiting room, and what did they have playing on the TV? Food Network! Talk about torture! I was so glad when they called me back, I just wanted this done with so I could go home and eat! Dr. D. performed the surgery, & in abt an hour, it was done! Painful bone spur gone. Let the healing begin!

BKG & Journal block – Eva Kipler – Being Fresh
Crutches – Kate Hadfield – Bruises & Breaks
font – Angelina & CK Classic
Journaling – Hopefully this will be the last foot surgery I’ll ever need. Afterwards, I was on crutches for two weeks. In that time, Tony took care of everything around the house, plus working his day job. The kids were also a great help. They did whatever I asked, and never complained.. I am so blessed. As much as I dislike using crutches, one thing is for sure. You get a really great arm work-out on those things! My biceps are rawking!

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The picture is from July 2009, taken in the Parking lot of the Navy Base while we were waiting for the boat to show up and return our husbands to us.. It’s the only pic i have of us together… mostly because I don’t like having my picture taken. Still not sure how she talked me into taking this one. *S*

BKG & binder clip – Color POP by Robin Carlton from Sweet Shoppe Quarterly #1 2009
book & a few doodles – robin & Laura’s Girl Next Door Extras kit.
Daisy doodle – Holly McCaig
Wort Art – Elegant Word Art blog

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