First Day of School 2010

Photos taken on our first official day of the 2010-2011 school year here at Aprendemos Academy.

Stuff used:

  • Who’s in School Class of 2010 by Penny Springmann AKA Penny’s Miscellany.
  • Frames by Penny Springmann from the Sweet Shoppe Birthday Bash Kit.
  • Stitches by Linda Gill Bildall from her Hand-Stitching.
  • Atomic Cupcake Med Torn action to tear the paper.
  • Date Bits from Misty Cato in the Write Stuff Date Pack.

I just love how this turned out.  Also, I want to send up a great big thank you to Penny Springmann over at Sweet Shoppe Designs for including homeschooling friendly labels in her school themed kit, “Who’s in School Class of 2010”. So teh awesum.

a Digi-find

Got Spirit by Heather RoselliGot Spirit by Heather Roselli

My darling PinkDiva has decided to be a cheerleader for her brother’s soccer team.  She doesn’t cheer loudly, but she stands on the sidelines with her little pom poms and watches the game.   This kit by Heather Roselli comes along just in time!

Dinos & Soccer kits

I recently realized, I’ve been doing ALOT of shopping at the Sweet Shoppe lately.  but they have such cute stuff!  Like this one:

Prehistoric by Dani Mogstad

Prehistoric by Dani Mogstad

Since BigBoy is just Dino-obsessed, this is just too cute to pass up!  On sale today too!

And as long as I’m sharing…  I found the cutest soccer/sport kits at Sweet Shoppe too!

Sports Mania Soccer by Heather Roselli

Sports Mania Soccer by Heather Roselli

and this one:

MVP by Dani Mogstad

MVP by Dani Mogstad

This word art set by MandaBean is awesome for sports stuff:

And I quote Athletes by MandaBean

And I quote Athletes by MandaBean

Anyway, that’s some of my latest finds.  Enjoy!

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it…

So… I’ve gotten off most of the newsletters from digi-stores and designers. Solely because I feel that my stash is so large, and I haven’t used most it, I want to use what I have first. Right?

Then I saw this at Sweet Shoppe Designs:

Yea. And if you read the descript, you will see that it was inspired by a Mythbuster. Dude! My GeekBoy is soo into Mythbusters right now. You have no idea. He’s becoming a science nut thanks to Adam, Jamie, and the gang. I debated long and hard with myself over this one, especially since I’m trying to cut back on my spending. I have a hard time justify buying scrap supplies when I’m so blocked. But I saw this, and well… Most scrap kits are girly, and with 3 men in this house, manly kits are a must. Plus the whole Mythbusters connection. And it can so be used for the boys when they are teens, as it’s not babyish (another major category of scrapkits) or even childish. So I put it in the cart, fully expecting to watch it sit there all day until the 20% discount for new items went away, and I’d say, “forget it.” But then, I found this to go with it:

Masking Tape Alpha

Now you must understand. This was my idea. I totally planned to make one of these masking tape alphas over a year ago. But life happened, and I quit designing without ever seeing this one through. Do you have any idea how long it would take me to make one of these now? My time is totally worth the 2.99$ price tag, trust me. And, BONUS! this was on 20% off too! Awesome! Into the cart it went. Then I found this:

Felt Pen Alpha

How cool is this alpha? It’s layered files that include the backing, outline, and fill. you can recolor, mix, & match to get whatever look you want. Freakin’ Genius! Into the cart it went!

And of course, since my cart total was now over 10$, I just had to take advantage of the Birthday Bash Special over there at Sweet Shoppe Designs. Spend 10$ and get their supersize birthday surprise package for only 4$ instead of 10$. WOO HOO!

Sweet Shoppe Birthday Bash

Trust me, you will not be disappointed. Yup. I bought it all. As I hit “submit” on my Paypal, I thought, “Hey, Happy Valentine’s Day to me a few days late. Yea, that’s it. ” Besides, I will totally scrap photos of GeekBoy’s latest experiements with the Cause & Effect kit. And since there is a Mythbuster’s MacGuyver Edition on tonight that we must watch…