tortoiseshell cat

Here I’ve made a tortoiseshell cat named Ashley, she was inspired by a drawing I made of a calico cat named Ashley, I think she came out VARY nice. what do you think?


some pictures of tortoiseshell cats-

Her name is. . .


you all remember her right? so, I have a name for her.

her name is Robinfawn!

and, since I liked Heatherwhisker alot too, thats her daughter’s name. (well, her daughter is Heatherstar now, leader of FernClan the Clan, our miss Robinfawn grew up in) also, Robinfawn’s father’s name is Applepounce, and her mother’s name is Jaypetal. so, I’m pretty much using the other names for her family,

if you can understand here is a little family tree-

Jaypetal is Applepounce’s mate, they had Robinfawn, who is Stormrain’s mate, and they had Heatherstar, Runingwhisker, and Ashfeather, who is mates with Tawnytiger and they had the ‘Kits’ whilst Swoopsong, (Jaypetal’s sister) is mates with Wing of Crow, and those too had Falcon’s Wing, and Star’s Light, (Witch Falcon and Star are tribe leaders of Tribe of the Dark and Tribe of the Light)

Applepounce—-V—-Jaypetal,ย  Swoopsong——V——Wing of Crow

Robinfawn—–V—-Stormrainย  Falcon’s Wing, Star’s Light

Heatherstar,ย  RunningWhisker, Ashfeather—-V—-Tawnytiger

HopeKit, Ryekit, Ravenkit, Journeykit

Rarity’s House- Kitchen


here is the Kitchen! its really cool to me. It has a patterned floor, with birch and jungle blocks. and it also has three “ovens”. some stone slabs to go with the “ovens”, and some acacia wood slabs as a counter top and shelves, and a little island/table thing, also some chests to store food and ingredients, such as eggs, milk, wheat, and sugar. also aging, I used some heads for the kitchen. make it look full of food. also, you can see some redstone lamps. thats all for the kitchen, I’ll post something about the bedroom next. ๐Ÿ™‚

Rare'sHouse8 Rare'sHouse9

Rarity’s House- Living room.


This is the living room, I used sandstone stairs and slabs, [I think] for the couch, and I used birch leaves for the plants and a head for the flowers. and just plain birch wood for a carpet, its like some kind of cow themed carpet, if you get what I tried to do. there is also a chest for storing random blocks and such, [the food go to the kitchen though] and, yeah. thats pretty much all for the living room, aside from a big six block long and 4 block high window of glass pane. More on the kitchen, bedroom, and Ore Room vary soon. ๐Ÿ™‚


Rarity’s House- The house.


here, is the house. it kinda like a light view of the house, I’ll show more rooms later.

so first, we have the view of the inside, it has the front door, and the stairs to the up stairs, and you can just start to see the kitchen and living room. and, if you are wondering what those trap doors are by the bottem of the front door stairs, Its the Ore Room. witch will be in another post, there is a cool feature in it to, ๐Ÿ™‚ thats all for now.


Rarity’s House- Shed

[I’m Raritykytten in Minecraft] This is the shed to my house. I found a small cave, that didn’t have anything really.ย  so, I made it into a shed for my stuff. as you can probaly see, I used cobblestone for the bottem of the walls, and spruce wood for the top, and I used birch wood for the floor, I used a place called for the heads or smaller melons, pumpkins, flowers, and hay bales. I’ll have a post about the house and mine soon,Rare'sHouse1Rare'sHouse2



Unnamed- queen variant.

so. this is the queen variant of the Unnamed she-cat. who I’m still trying to decide on what name. So, I tried to make her look like her other variant but, I think the markings could be better, but its pretty good. I should have saved a picture of her marks before they ware blurred. (and, the eyes look like the might need to be a tad darker . . ) I can never make is as good as the first time. (for some things. like this one)



updated- I fixed the eyes to be darker.

witch name is better?

I have a small problem. I can not decide on witch name is better, I reaallllyyy like Rabinfawn, (and I’m heavily considering that as her name) but the others are all good to. there are some things about her, also 2 people have said they like the name Heatherwhisker, (though, they also said they have no clue witch name is better, so they just said a random one.) though, I’m heavily considering Robinfawn because it matches her personality and looks.

witch one