Eagles play dirty… Refs paid off?

I didn’t get to see the game personally…. But my dad, who is the biggest football fan I know, watched it and gave me this report… The Check Cleared. He said there were several times when the ball would magically move up a yard during commercial breaks. Blatant attempts to outright injure NYG players, with no penalties. Strahan was held constantly with no calls going against the Eagles. But the worst, were the two penatlies that were called, then just totally ignored…
As reported to me, there was a flag thrown against the Eagles, just before they kicked the field goal at the half. Giants head coach Tom Coughlin was seen making the motion to accept the penatly and back the Eagles up. Then a commercial break, and when the game returned, there had been no penatly assesed, and the Eagles were kicking a field goal to tie it up. Even the announcers of the game were thrown off, wondering what had happened to the penalty.
The second time such a thing happened, was reportedly the second to last Giants drive in the OT. An Eagles player grabbed Tiki Barber by his shoulder pads, and swung him around and threw him to the ground. A flag was thrown, unnecessary roughness the call. Then, the flag was picked up, and it was announced, “There is no penalty on the facemask.” Well duh! the flag wasn’t thrown with concern to the face mask! Very odd indeed.
Now understandably, the game was played in Philly, which is one of the roughest stadiums in the NFL. But the Eagles haven’t a prayer of making the playoffs, so why? Why call such a horrid game? Why ignore penalties and blatant attempts to injure the opposing team?
But that said, the Giants won despite the refs and the Eagles. though it was a costly victory. 2 linemen, Luke Pettigout & Kareen Mackensie, were injured, as well as Middle Line backer Antonio Pierce and defensive tackle William Joseph also had to leave early. I can’t wait til next weekend! *S* Starting next weekend the Giants play on Saturdays and the local team (who I despise) on Sundays, so I should get the rest of the season! Yea!
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