WFMW: noiseless alarm clock

I had a problem.  DH needs to sleep late in the mornings due to working the night shift.  My alarm clock also wakes up thePinkDiva, and she is anything but kind and gracious when she has been woken up early.  What to do?  How to get myself up early enough without waking anyone else?

Well, my cell phone has an alarm clock in it.  I can also set it to vibrate instead of ring.  So I set that sucker to 5am, and tuck it into my pillowcase, under the pillow.  It goes in the case so that it doesn’t migrate around the bed at night.  Then in the morning, the vibrations under my head wake me up, quietly.

This does have a downside.  There’s no snooze.  So if I reach into my pillow and hit the volume button, it shuts off the alarm, and I’m still not “up”.   So this method takes real discipline to get yourself up and out of bed when it goes off the first time.  No more “9 more minutes…  just 9 more minutes.”  But it does work.

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  1. DH says:

    Yuppers, that is a really kuel idea…. also, another good thing to use is a PDA, set the alarm to vibrate and put on your chest or in your pillowcase and set it to high… in the a.m. you will wake up to your pillow moving around on you…! 🙂

  2. Angela says:

    My cell does snooze. In fact it defaults to a five minute snooze if you don’t hit the down arrow and then ok. Kinda nice. When we moved, we actually didn’t plug in our alarm clock, that was 10 months ago. We ended up just starting to use cell phones and its worked perfect. We both have Razrs and then he also has a black berry. The berry only has a single alarm while the Razrs each have three. Just so you know what we’re using.

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