LOST – the first three episodes

Dude. This show. I love it. I love the mind-bending twists. Everytime you think you know where something is going, BAM! It goes in the exact opposite direction. Awesome! I’ve decided that I will never ever get this post to make any sense, and another episode is quickly sneaking up on me!!   Bear with me through some mindless rambling, ok??  So… what do we know so far??

Oceanic 6?? What the?? We know Kate, Jack, and Hurley have somehow come back. Presumably rescued by the freighter… But tell me… how many of you saw Sayid? Seriously?? and that he’s now working for Ben as a hitman?? What the…..?!? So…. Who’s the last two? Ben doesn’t count because he wasn’t on the flight. So… who’s funeral did Jack go to? Was it Ben? It’s hard to figure out the order of the flash-forwards.

ooo! Hurley is linked to AnaLucia through the cop that busted him. But why would Hurley say he never met A.L.?? what? AHHH! the questions! and now he’s seeing things.. like a diver (Charly) breaking the mirror… With a message – “they need you.”

Poor Hurley. What a way to learn your friend is dead.  That’s got to hurt. I sincerely hope Des pulls the Hurl aside and lets him know that Charly said what he said because he knew he was going to die, thanks to Des. *side note to ABC – I don’t want to see the footage of Charly dieing again. It’s just so senseless. Why o why did he shut the door on himself. he could have just as easily stepped out the door and had Des help him lock it. then he could have grabbed an air tank and survived.  And dont’t ell me he had to to learn about Not Penny’s Boat.  He had that information before Patchy blew the window, and he did not speak to Penny again after.  The only reason he didn’t fight death, was because Des. Convinced him he had to die. No he didn’t. I don’t get it.  And has anyone else noticed that Des. isn’t havin premonitions anymore?  Since we know the island is supposed to be a character, maybe the island was using Des to protect Charly from something/someone/Jacob?  It seems like it was Charly that was supposed to go diving.  It has to be him, he’s the only one who could tap out Good Vibrations.  If he dies by lightning, or saving claire, he’s not around to flip the switch.  Maybe the island wants these people gone, but Jacob does not?  Or maybe it’s something from outside the island that was speaking to Des.  I mean, Walt has reappeared to Locke (though I think Walt is still there somehow, like he never did get off the island.)  But Miles, super angry Asian dude from the boat, he obviously has some kind of power to communicate or something….   maybe he’s been sending long distance vibes to Des to keep Charly alive long enough to flip the switch??  Who knows?  Only the writers.  *S*

Meanwhile, Des. is trying to convince anyone who will listen that the people coming on the freighter are NOT the good guys. Good luck with that Des. At this point, most of them don’t give a rat’s rear end, they just want the hell off that island. Anybody else think that before this is over, Ben and the “others” will have to band with the Losties and they will have to fight off the n00bs?  Speaking of the “others”  Where the hell are they??  Ben is captive byJack, and now Locke…  Where is Richard? Where’s the rest of the gang??

Looks like this season is flash-fowards.  Creepy guy threatening Hurley in such a subtle way…  His name Is Matthew Abbadon, and he is the same one who hires Naomi and the others to find the island.

And Saywer’s being nice to Hurley. I wonder how Sawyer’s revenge finally coming to an end has impacted him? I mean, is he just being nice because he knows how close Hurl and Charly were? Or is this shades of a kinder, gentler Sawyer. I hope not, because honestly, I like the bad boy. Dude gets some of the best freakin’ lines, seriously. But I so understand Hurley not wanting to talk about it all yet.

Naomi is cool.. maybe? I mean she makes the call, and adjusts the signal without telling her people what Locke did to her. – Dude!!! her line about her sister was total code. And in Sayid’s flash forward, he finds the same bracelet on his “job” that he found on Naomi. WOAH! they’re connected somehow in a big way. And since we now know that Ben is using Sayid to target someone, an Economist, involved with the island, and Ben is using those still there as the bait to keep Sayid hooked. Whoever Ben is after is connected to Naomi and the freighter.

Did ya’ll see that Hurley saw Jacob too?? What’s up with that?? And that Jacob looks suspiciously like Christian Sheppard, Jack’s Daddy.  Obviously he wants to talk to Hurley. That’s why he sent his biggest follower, John Locke out to collect him. Wonder what Jacob wants with Hurley? And just who the hell is Jacob?  I think Jack’s father might just be alive. I think the island cured him like it did Locke and Rose. Jack found the coffin, but it was empty, and they still haven’t found his body, though Jack did see him one time, off in the distance. What if the island kicked him back the same way it brought Locke’s dad?  And –  my memory is a bit vague at this point, but doesn’t Jack see Christian in a flash foward??  I know we see in one of the mobisodes that Christian is the one who sends Vincent over to wake up Jack just after the Crash.  The only question is…. is he alive?  or a ghost?

**Vantage Point looks awesome! and of course Matthew Fox is deliciously hot looking too. But seriously… is anyone else tired of this whole alternate reality thing? I have a freakin’ life! I can’t keep up with an “alternate reality” life too!! Dammit! just write out the story line of the game in a book I can read, and keep going. Dammit. There’s so much info out there now… They started the “game” in the summer of 06, and have never ended it! ARRRGGGHHH!

Ok.. show back on.. Locke and Hurley agree. The Losties must be convinced, or Charly died in vain.  Oh good grief… Poor claire. Poor Hurley. Poor Claire. Poor Aaron. Poor Claire. Dang… Tissue alert!!!  Oh good grief.  If that scene where Hurley tells claire about Charly didn’t make you tear up even a little, you have no soul.

HaHA!!! Locke was sooo sure. “You’re not gonna shoot me Jack.” Click. Crap. He was going to. Good thing I conviently forgot to load the thing. Oops. Ok Sayid? Hurley? Des? Juliet, even? A little back up here! Tell him I was right dammit! They are the bad guys!

he he he Rose!!! “I’m not going anywhere with that man!” HA HA!!  One of the best lines in season 4 ep 1.  *S* Ep 3 best line – by Hurley, said after Angry Asian Dude Miles calls the Hurl “tubby,”  “Oh great.  They sent us another Sawyer.”  he he he!!  Classic!

Ok… but wait. Hurley went with Locke. Jack and Kate did not. We know those three survived somehow. Why them? and wait… in this flash forward (ep 1), Jack is beard-less, and thinking about growing one. Wait. Tell what? Tell what Dammit!!!!! AHHHH! LU-UCY! You gots some ‘xplaining to do! Wait.. he’s sorry he went with Locke?? I don’t get it. So… Hurley is where Jack got his “We have to go back bit”…. hmmm… Interesting.

Hmmm… Jack and Kate against the world.

Another Parachuter?? what the heck? dude! he’s like Charly’s twin or something!!! but not really. I mean, I think they were trying to make him look like charly as much as possible in that first moment…

Soo… wow…

Wanna waste some serious time… Try find815.com – if you haven’t already.Anybody else tired of the Alternate Reality games? I mean, I really wish they’d just put all this crap in a book and let me read all the back story on Hanso Foundation, and the search for 815… I’ve got a life! I’ve got kids! For crying out loud ABC… just turn this stuff into episodes and run it all for the last few weeks of the season since the writer’s strike has left us with only 8 episodes… Quit making me waste my time! AHHH! Sorry… had to get that out… *S*If I remember right, Locke’s dad didn’t show up until after the sub was blown up. It is possible they could have brought him in earlier… but I don’t see why unless they *knew* they would need him. One thing I have noticed is that this island is all about dealing with your past. Example – Ana Lucia finally comes to terms with herself over the bad stuff she’s done, and she’s dead. Libby – I don’t think we’ve seen the last of her. hmm… Several folks saw a blonde with a braid at the nuthouse in Hurley’s flash foward.  Wonder if it’s Libby?  I’m not all that convinced she’s not an Other, or somehow tied to the island.  I mean, she’s been shadowing Hurley for years. Makes you wonder – did she really love him, or was he still her assignment?

It’s pretty obvious (to me anyway) from all the back story that everyone on that plane was meant to be on the island. Hence the psychic who told Claire not to give up her baby, he was in danger, then suddenly hands her tickets to flight 815. In the deleted scenes, we see the guy tell eko that someone paid him to get the pregnant girl on the plane. We know that Juliette was brought to the Island to find out why pregnancy kills women on the island, so it makes sense that *they* would want to bring one already pregnant woman, and one who could potentially become pregnant (sun). kind of a test group.

What if… Hurley regrets going with Locke because it was a set up?? The “Others” are a violent group – you have to kill your past to up, sometimes physically kill someone IE Ben’s Dad, Locke’s Dad (side note – anybody notice how they all have father issues?? Ben’s dad is a jerk, Locke’s dad is conman, Sawyer’s dad offed his wife and himself orphaning sawyer, Kate’s dad is mostly out of the picture, and she blew up her step daddy, Jack’s dad is a drunk, and the reason he was on the plane in the first place. Jin is ashamed of his dad, and Sun is scared of hers. Claire has no daddy – though it’s kind of thought that she is Jack’s half sister, making her daddy a fall down drunk too. Charly’s dad was no prize. wonder if there is something there?). “Jacob” is not opposed to throwing things around to get his point across, even throwing Ben. What if Jacob has decided enough with all the unbelievers, and gets Locke to lead them all to the settlement, knowing it will be so much easier to off them, with them all in one nice tidy location. But, 6 escape. I know, scary creepy man said something about “Are there others?” I think he was asking if anyone was left alive. And you know what? maybe not. I don’t believe that creepy scary guy was really from Oceanic either. I think he’s from whatever groups coming to take over the island, and they really want Hurley under their control so they can study him. but anyway… maybe the rounding up and mass death of the LOSTies what is haunting Hurley. We know he was in the pych ward before because of the accidental death of a bunch of people when big hurley stepped out onto an over crowded balcony. That’s where he met the checker player (I think it’s the same guy from this episode) who was repeating the numbers. In the past, the numbers were all the guy would say. Hurley got out, and played the numbers in the lottery and won, but bad juju befell everything he did. Maybe, he’s come back, and he met up with the numbers guy, and told him what happened… somehow now numbers guy talks to him, and numbers guy saw charly when no one else would have since he’s dead and all. freaky. So maybe hurley is tormented because somehow he was spared the carnage of those who followed Locke.

I agree that Locke would never leave the island. He’s found his faith, he’s not about to abandon it again. We know Hurley, Jack, and Kate are off. Maybe Kate has a new identity, courtesy of Oceanic, as a bribe to keep her from suing the company – we won’t turn you in, we declared Kate dead, you live on as Sarah, or something like that. I think Sun is for sure. I do not see Jin leaving her on the island, knowing it’s a death sentence. I do see him forcing her to go without him, for the sake of their baby, so Jin is iffy. Ben doesn’t want to leave the island, he likes it there. BUT! if the new baddies have found something, he may go just to keep the baddies from turing the island into an experiement again.

Sawyer’s got nothing to go back to. and if you notice, the kate/sawyer, jack/Juliette have lined up on opposite sides of this fence this time. Juliette and sawyer take off to save the beach crew. Then they take off to go with Locke. leaving Kate and Jack together again. While Sawyer only has eyes for Kate, Kate is torn between Jack and Sawyer, still. So even if Sawyer stayed, it’s not a given that she would. and if sawyer came back, it’s not a given that she would stay with him. she’s too much of a free spirit to stay tied down for long, and he doesn’t want to go back to a little house with a picket fence and a 9-5. Esp now that his vendetta is over. He likes the adventure, the adrenaline rush. push comes to shove, I don’t think he’s leaving. I would like to think that Claire and Arron are the last two to escape, but somehow… I don’t think so. What would she come back too? On the island, her only job is to keep Aaron safe. Back in AU, she would have to work to keep an apt, means Aaron in daycare, she would be under constant pressure with little help… The psychic told her originally to keep Aaron, and keep him safe. At the beginning, I felt that Aaron and Walt were meant to be Yin and Yang, good vs bad, that kind of thing. I still think that. I don’t think Walt and Michael got very far. I think they will turn up on the other side of the island at some point. I think “Jacob” needs Walt for something, and I don’t believe he would just let him go.

The other two, could be players we haven’t met yet. Maybe one is Jin – going with Sun – and maybe another. Juliette might, but she might not. after all, there will still be women on the island, and someone may become pregnant, and as much as she wants to see her sister, she really really wants to know why. why do the pregnant women die? only way to find out… stick around. then again… She has wanted to take a preggers chick off the island, and see if the effects last away from the island, so she might hitch a ride with sun to use her as a control sample.

But, I’m not sure the LOSTies get to pick who goes and stays.

And maybe “Jacob” can take whatever form he wants to communicate with his chosen. Smoke monster for Eko (who made peace with his past, and promptly died btw), horse for Kate, Jack’s dad for Jack, Dave for Hurley… etc.

As for why Ben doesn’t just say, hey guys – there’s this invisible man who only I, and now maybe John Locke, can talk to or see. and he said we’ll all get killed, and he wants you all to stay here. Dude… no one would believe him! They all think Locke is off his rocker now. They didn’t go with Locke, they went with Hurley. Besides… I don’t think Ben or Locke fully know everything there is to know. I think they are given marching orders by the illusive Jacob, and then blindly follow – Locke because he is a man of faith who has finally found something to believe in again, and Ben, because “jacob” rescued him from the hell that was his father and Dharma. Of course, Ben is the ultimate deceiver… I think there is shades of Good vs bad in Ben and Locke. The show may come down to a Ben V Locke showdown, a la Luke and Vader. in which case, Ben loses, cuz evil always loses.

So there you go.  Some rather disjointed ramblings about the first three episodes of LOST season four.  I’m sure that not all of it will make sense, and I’m even more sure that as of Thursday a bunch of crap that I think might happen, or predict, will be proved wrong, cuz that’s how this show goes.  But dude.  It’s so fun to watch!

oh, and BTW – Thanks to the end of the Writer’s Strike, there will be 5 more episodes of LOST, for a grand total of 13 episodes this season.  WOO HOO!  Read about it here.

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