4.4 Eggtown: A stream of LOST-iousness

Wow. So who saw that coming? I’m not going to recap the show, because there are plenty of other resources out there who do just that. But I will run down the key moments, and postulate theories until my head explodes, because that’s why I love this show!

So. First item stuck in my head this morning. Miles, aka Angry Asian Dude, tries to blackmail Ben. He obviously knows that Ben can get his hands on 3.2 million super fast. So who is Ben? First the Dharma/daddy-slaying, then the drawer full of passports. Obviously there is alot we don’t know about this guy. He’s the ultimate deceiver, yet somehow he’s got connections to the outside world, still. Since Dharma was there experimenting with Parapsychology, it’s possible that Ben, brought in as a child, was subjected to tests and experiments. Highly likely actually, considering his father’s dislike for the kid, that his father would allow them to test him. Either that, or the Dharma run “school” might be a front for testing and experimentation without parental knowledge. Maybe Ben’s connection to the outside world is not limited to the now destroyed Looking Glass station. Maybe Ben has Telepathy and ESP or some kind of combo. It would explain how he is the ultimate deceiver. He can read your thoughts, see your fears, and play to what he knows you need to hear. His “man” on the freighter is a farce made up to keep Locke on his toes. Ben used his mind reading ability to pull the info about Charlotte and her crew out of Charlotte’s head. Just like he knows what to say to Locke to keep him twisted in knots.

Who do the freighter guys work for? We saw in 4.3 that Ben is using Sayid to go after an “Economist.” So who is this guy?
Google says that Economist can be defined as “An expert witness which is occasionally consulted to determine the value of economic damages, including without limitation loss of earnings, and business valuations. Your attorney may retain an economist to help value your work related losses.” And economics is defined as “The study of choice and decision-making in a world with limited resources,” or “the branch of social science that deals with the production and distribution and consumption of goods and services and their management.” Maybe this guy Ben is after is in charge of supplies for the island. Maybe now that Ben is off, this guy is working to cut off the supplies. Or, maybe this guy just wants the island to run his own experiments. The flunkies he sent there, Daniel Faraday, and Charlotte Lewis (both names have meaning btw. Faraday is a nod to Micheal Faraday a scientist, and Charlotte Lewis is a nod to CS Lewis, which producers indicate is a clue to where the show is headed.) are playing memory games. Why? Somehow a game is almost never just a game on this show. It seemed like it was a test. But, back to the economist, it’s also possible that he wants the island for it’s significance to the Valenzetti Equation.

What’s up with the Helicopoter? We know due to Faraday’s rocket experiement that there is at least a 31 minute difference in time on and off the island. But is that it? Does time bend further in different areas of the island? After all, the LOSTies have been on Island for about 100 days.  Yet Kate’s Mom says it’s been four years since Kate and flight 815 were declared dead. 31 minutes would only be an extra 129 days, round about.  So, how has it been four years?  How is it possible to travel through the bend in time without totally messing up? These are questions that look like they will be answered with next week’s episode. I so can’t wait!

Where is Claire? What happened to her? Why does Kate have Aaron? Why would Kate even leave the island in the first place? Is she really pregnant and just refuses to tell Sawyer? I think Kate is indeed pregnant, and it’s Sawyer’s baby. She has never been good at not lying. I think she is telling Sawyer she isn’t because she wants Sawyer to come with her for her, not an unborn child. But how does she wind up with Aaron? I thought Des saw Claire and Aaron get on the helicopter? But wait – did they really? or did he just see Claire about to step in? I can’t remember. Maybe Claire changed her mind last minute, and Kate’s baby is really her’s, but named Aaron in homage to Claire and Aaron?  It really depends on how long ago they got off the island.

There’s more.  Oh, so much more.  But if I don’t wrap this up now, I’ll be here typing til next Thursday.  My DH will tell you, I spend the week just randomly coming up with new theories on this show, and Jericho.  So much so that it just about makes his head spin. *S* (love ya dear!)

Can’t wait til next week.  I so want to find out what happened to the helicopter!

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  1. MamaBugs says:

    From one Lostie to another…
    don’t you think it’s Michael on the freighter as Benry’s guy? I am sure you are right about him being a Dharma school experiment gone wrong. *L*
    I am pretty sure Daniel has a degenerative brain disease (early Alzheimer’s?)and is hoping the island will cure him. Charlotte is aware of his condition.
    I think whatever the reason is for Claire not being with Aaron (I think she starts to get on and something happens or she falls out thus making Des’ prediction accurate)is also the catalyst for Jack feeling (eventually) that they must go back.
    The helicopter must NOT have flown back via the exact headings as the ones they flew in on and have entered another time bend…
    What do you think about the title “Eggtown”? Think it has anything to do with the womens eggs? Or was it just about Locke’s breakfast for Ben? And is there a connection with the chicken he killed?
    Ack!! Thursday can’t arrive fast enough!!

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