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So much!  First of all, were you as confused as I was with the whole Jin/Sun flash thing??  I was sooo happy to see Jin had made it off the island!  Then when the nurse said it was a boy, I got very confused.  When Jin told the nurse he had only been married two months, the light dawned.  We weren’t seeing Jin and Sun together like we usually do.  This was a flashback for Jin, a flash forward for Sun.  Then when Sun took the baby girl to the tombstone, I was so convinced that Jin is alive on the island, and the tombstone is part of the cover story.  Convinced until I saw this.  Yup.  the actor who plays Jin was arrested for DUI.  We all know what happens to LOST cast members who get arrested.  AnaLucia, Libby, Eko.  All were arrested, the first two for DUI, and Eko for driving w/out a license.  So…  Jin is truly dead on the show.  The only questions are how, and how long will it take them to show us how?

I think, since Jumper Des told Past Faraday about Penny, that when Penny started searching for Des, Faraday probably told her about the island, and that’s how Penny knew.  Most likely, she went to her father for the resources to find the island, without knowing that he was looking for the same place.  I think Daddy Widmore let Penny look for the island, figuring the chances were better of finding it with more of them looking.  Then he used the information that Des was on the island, in hopes that by sending his team in to “rescue Des,” Des would be his key to getting to Ben and getting the information he wanted off the island.  But, does Widmore know that 815 is on the island as well?  I’m not sure.  It depends on who actually staged the crash site in the Sundra Trench.

I think that Widmore staged it to throw people off the scent of the island.  But there is a possibility that Ben staged it for the same reasons.  The question is who to trust?  The Captain and Crew, who aren’t exactly forthcoming with details of why they are there?  Or Ben and Michael, who aren’t exactly known for their truthiness?  Ben has been the Ultimate Deceiver and Manipulator since he came on the scene.  Yet, of the crew, Faraday is the only one who seems to have enough innocence and purity left to be worth trusting.  I don’t think Faraday has lied to anyone there yet.  Not spoken the whole truth, yes.  Been put in a rock and hard place, most assuredly.  Seems like he is being hog-tied by Charlotte every time he tries to speak.  The Frieghter folk don’t want him to be alone with the LOSTies because he will indeed spill the beans.  I think the LOSTies best chance of figuring things out would be to separate Faraday from the rest, and grill him.

Also, I think the Button, and the 108 minutes, had something to do with keeping the island in the correct time.  The LOSTies crash sept 22, 2004.  Des calls Pen Dec 24, 2004.  That’s only 95 days.  Yet the LOSTies have been on the Island for about 97 days.   Somehow, I think the Button had something to do with controlling the mechanisms that speed or slow time on the island.

BTW, I was so disappointed to see Michael on the boat. I was sure it was Ben!  I still think Ben has mind reading abilities that only enhance his character as the manipulator.  I still think Ben’s mind reading is how he’s running everything even when he is captive.  It’s how he knew where Char and Faraday were headed, and how he got the message out to the Shrink, who I think has the astral projection ability, so she could warn Juliet.

I could go on and on for hours…  I just love dissecting this show, and spinning off my own theories.  But…  one last thing before I go.

Did anyone notice that Sun’s family didn’t show up to see the grandchild?   Also, it’s been noted in the fan sites that the name on the hospital bag was different from her true name.  I do believe Jin is dead.  Is it possible that Sun decided to take a new name, and declare herself dead to her family to get out of whatever her father the mobster is in?  It’s also possible that since she is one of the Oceanic Six, the hospital registered under a false name to help protect her privacy.  Whatever the reason…  it’s an interesting tidbit I found worth mentioning.

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  1. oh amanda says:

    I like your Penny/Des/Farady theory. I’ll have to think about it.

    I didn’t read anything about the baby’s name…I don’t really think Jin is dead. I think he’s still on the Island. *sigh* There’s just too much!

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