AI: Top 4

It’s rock n roll night.  Isn’t this kind of slanted to Cook?  He had better rock this.  Speaking of…

David Cook:  “Hungry like a wolf”  Channelling Randy here..  I dunno..  for me it was just alright…  Dude… Randy agrees me!  It’s was an “ok choice”  Paula was her usually sunny stuttering self, and Simon says it was a bit copy-cat-ish.  Not at all what people have come to expect from the Rocker.

Take 2:  “Baba O’Rielly (Teenage Wasteland” Dude!  It’s the CSI NY song!!  It was good.  The only way I know this song is the opening to CSINY.  Simon says, “Welcome back David Cook” so I guess he did really well.  DH agrees.

Syesha:  “Proud Mary”  She sang well.  I really don’t see how she’s still here after being in the bottom 3/2 ever since we made the 12.  I’m lovin’ Simon on this review!  Syesha is no Tina.  and she totally tried to be.

Take 2: “A Change Gonna Come”  The gold dress is rockin’ fo’ real.  It sounded good.  I think she’ll make it through this week to the top 3.  Randy didn’t like it.  Now see, I’ve never really heard the original (sorry!) Paula gives her a standing O, and stutters through some praise.  Honestly, she sounds like she’s in pain, like she’s off her meds to make sure she doesn’t make another mix up.  Simon agrees with Paula, and Syesha bawls big time.

Jason Castro: “I shot the Sheriff”  He seems drunk in clip.  Dude.  to quote Whitney, “Oh Hell to the NO!” This sucks!  I just can’t wait to see what simon says.  Randy says “Karaoke Bomb.”  Paula wasn’t crazy about!  even Paula has trouble saying something nice.  Simon says “Atrocious.”  He says it’s a song you do not touch the arrangement, and says “I don’t know what you’re thinking???”  and the only similarity w. Marley was the Hair.

Take 2: “Mr. Tambourine Man”  he forgot the lyrics!!!  He is so gone!  He didn’t even try to fake it.  It’s too bad because, being that I’ve never heard to orig., it sounded ok until that, and the end was… bad.  Jason says, I lost some lines there.  Randy says he’s not in the zone.  Paula says, It is what it is.  Well you know it’s bad when that is the nicest comment Paula can come up with.  Simon says “I’d pack my suitcase.”  I love that when Simon said, “Jason.”  He said, “oh shit.”  He he he he.  He so knew what was coming from the Brit.

David A.: “Stand by Me”   Best performance so far for the night.  Nice.  very nice.  Finally!  A Smile from Randy!!  Paula just crapped a rainbow.  Simon says he could have whistled the damn song and done better then the last performance, then called it the best so far.   He’s such a little cutie…  like…  lil’ munchkin cute.  his responses to the fans are always so endearing….

Take 2: “Love Me Tender” That was beautiful.  Based on tonight, he wins.  Randy and Paula agree, and Simon says he didn’t beat the competition tonight, he crushed it.

It think bottom 2 is Syesha – surprise suprise, and Castro – no.. really?  and yea…  see if you can who’s going home.  Mr. I can’t remember my lyrics Castro.  Uh, Buh-Bye.  Yes, that means Syesha makes it through another week.

Then again, as Seacrest points out, this is point when Daughtry went out because “people thought he was safe.”  So this could be the point where one of the David’s decides that he really doesn’t want the entanglement of a long 19 contract, and a “surprise out” would happen.