4.12 – There's no place like home – pt 1

If the producers kill of Desmond, they will so have an uprising from their female fans who want to see that love story have a happy ending. Jin on the hand, is so dead. After the actor’s DUI arrest last year… he’s gone. As it looks right now, Jin, Des, and Micheal will be blown up attempting to disarm the explosives on the boat. Although I’m hoping Des survives, I think Jin has known for a long time that he would not be getting off the island. He has been telling Sun that he would get her off the island, but I haven’t heard him promise that “they would get off the island.”

So, something on the boat is transmitting. Who thinks that “torch the island” really means blow the boat and leave no survivors?

Also, from last week, when Claire was spotted by Locke in Jacob’s cabin with her Daddy, Christian Sheppard, and she seemed very blasé about the whole thing…  I think she’s dead.  There is no way she would leave Aaron in a tree stump.  I think she’d rather die than abandon him.  Personally, I think it was internal bleeding from the rocket attack that blew up her house.  But that’s just my wild theory.

Back to this week – I loved when Sun pwned her dad.  That was just too good!  Interesting that she said he was one of two people responsible for Jin’s death.  So who is the other one that she blames?  Ben?  Widmore?  Herself?  Things that make you go, hmmm….

The last scene at Christian Sheppard’s funeral – the one where Claire’s mother reveals to Jack that Claire is his half sister – You know what just killed me about that?  Jack can’t even tell the woman that Aaron is her grandson.  Because telling that destroys Kate’s claim to the baby and goes against the “story” they’ve been given.

Does anyone else wonder how Oceanic is going to explain the fact that they sent a camera into the wreckage and all bodies were “accounted” for, and yet at least 8 got out of the plane, with six surviving?  And the photo of them being welcomed by the island village…  Is it real?  or is it a fake setup?

Think about it, the six are Sun & Aaron (both on the freighter right now), Sayid & Kate – who have been captured by the Others as they ran through the jungle looking for Jack & Sawyer, who are out looking for Hurley, who’s stuck with Locke and Ben trying to move the island.  Based on the preview of next epsiode, we hear Ben telling someone that if they intend to leave, they had better do so, and they have about an hour. Since Sawyer, Kate, Sayid, and Jack will all be heading for the Orchid Station – where Hurley is, my guess is, they all battle Keamy and the gang, and once the moving mechanism is triggered, Ben tells them to grab Frank the pilot and hi-tail it out of there.  Thing is, Sawyer has already said he likes life on the island.  So when Kate hops on the helicopter with the guys, Sawyer kisses her goodbye.  I don’t get why Kate is so eager to leave either.  She’s only going back to murder charges and mom who has disowned her.  She’s all lovin’ on Sawyer…  is it the pregnant chicks die thing?  Is she scared of getting knocked up on the island?  I wouldn’t blame her on that one, for real…

It’s possible that once the helicopter gets back to the boat, Faraday is back with load two, then, the boat blows up.  the transmitter on Keamy’s arm is wired to the explosives in the boat, and set up so that if the island starts to move, the signal is sent and the boat explodes.  That would put the survivors of the freighter – Sun, Aaron, Jack, Kate, Sayid, & Hurley into the life raft heading away from the island and the blown up boat.  The photo could be real as they wash up in the fishing village.

But, whatever happens…  I so want to see Penny and Des reunited.  That is one of the best love stories on this show.

Oh, and it occured to me – Remember Des was having vision of Charlie’s death, and he kept saving Charlie?  What if the island was trying to kill Charlie so he could not do the thing in the Looking Glass station?  What if, when Des repeated saves Charlie, the island showed Des Charlie dying in the water to try to get Des to save Charlie again?  but it backfired.  But will come of Des’s vision of Claire and Aaron getting on a helicopter?  I mean, Aaron is off the island on the boat already.  How does this fit with Des’s vision of the future?

So many questions.  I love this show!  So much to think about and theorize.  It’s awesome.

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  1. Nash says:

    I agree with you on Des and Penny – they NEED to be reunited. I barely survived Charlie’s death – they better not kill him off too! You are right, so many questions and it is hard to think they will answer them all but they better!

  2. Crystal says:

    What I don’t get is why Jack is on the helicopter. He would never chose to be the first to be rescued. He is always so self sacrificing. I’m wondering if his infection gets bad and Juliette nags him in to going for his health. But then he didn’t look sick on the plane in the flash forward. I dont’ know. I don’t get it.

    Whatever happens they have time to sit around and think up this really detailed story. They must have some down time in there to plan.

  3. thekytikat says:

    I don’t think he has time to go back to the beach. I think Locke triggers the moving island, and they only have a few minutes to lift off and get the heck out of dodge. Being that he is bleeding from his stitches, he may not be in any kind of condition to truly resist Kate when she loads him onto the plane.

  4. thekytikat says:

    I don’t know what it is about the island and the love stories all ending so tragically. We already know that Sayid and Nadia don’t end well, Hurley & libby ended badly, and he’s in the nuthouse, Saywer and Kate obviously don’t end well, and Jack and Kate are very trouble post-Island. Charlie is a goner and Claire is messed up, possibly dead. Jin is a goner 4 sure, so Sun doesn’t get a happily ever after… We so need at least one happily ever after from this! If they kill off Des, they better have one humdinger of a good ending. you know?

  5. Amy says:

    I will not be able to handle Desmond getting killed off, but I really don’t think he will. There is just too much potential story left to mine with him. It’s the only love story that’s been done well on this show in my opinion, though, so they might go screw it up.
    I’m afraid Jin is going to die.
    I’m interested to see how Jack “saves” Kate. I’m also dreading the coffin reveal. If it’s Sayid…I will be one sad LOST fan.

  6. Roger says:

    I think that Desmond wasn’t telling the whole truth to Charlie about Claire and Aaron getting on the helicopter, or just got his ladies confused. 🙂

    I think I am in the minority in thinking that Jin is dead.

    I don’t think that they (Jin, Desmond and Michael) can die because the island “owns” them, just like Michael, so…

    All I know is that will be some serious withdrawel come May 29 At 10PM because there will probably be at least a million different stories/theories to hash out until January.

    Oh, and Hi! I’m just checking out the LOST blogs from Rocks in My Dryer, having fun. 🙂

  7. oh amanda says:

    I think that fishing boat pic was for real. Remember when they are on the plane they are all nicely dressed. They couldn’t have gotten that on The Island.

    Good good thought about Desmond seeing Claire & Aaron get off the island…hmmm….

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