AI: Dave Vs Dave

Ok.  The boxing announcement is just annoying.  Though Cook got into it, Arch just didn’t seem to.  At least the crowd seems to be pretty evenly split for the Davids.  Oh my word, “Big David” and “Little David”?? Good grief.  I’d rather they said Cook & Arch.  Seacrest is doing his best to build up the tension, but fo’ real, just let the boyz get their sing on already, mkay?

So, three rounds, Cook goes first.  Randy says they have to bring everything they got tonite baby!  Um.  Yea.  Isn’t that the case every week??  I’m so fast forwarding through the crap.

Cook: Take 1 – “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for”  Dude is hot.  Really, this isn’t a fair comeptition.  Cook is an awesome Rocker, and Archie is a ballad/pop guy.  It’s going to come down to what TPTB think they need to round out the Idol music house which style of music gets more votes.  Randy is stuck in a time warp and calls this the Duel of 2007.  Paula is all hot and bothered.  Simon says he’s phenomenal.

Arch: Take 1 – “Don’t let the sun go down on me”  Now see, Archie should have gone first.  After the high energy rocker, this feels like a downer.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s a sweetheart who can sing.  But this is one of those lighter songs…  you know what I mean??  He young, and to me just doesn’t have the stage prescence of Cook.  There he goes with the closing eyes again.  Randy says it’s the best of the season.  Paula needs a sweater cuz she’s got chills.  Simon thought last week was OK, and tonight was the best he’s done so far.   And Tonight is the night that these guys really have to suck so hardcore in order to get a bad review, so of course they were all good reviews.  But I disagree that round 1 goes to Arch.  I think Cook did a much better job.

Note to AI Producers:  Enough with the boxing clips already.  Ugh!

Cook: Take 2 – “Dream Big”  Dude.  He freakin’ rocks!  I’m loving this!  High energy, totally grooveable.  I would so buy this song on (Note to AI PTB – I don’t do iTunes!  Many of us don’t!)  Randy says he sang his face off.  Paula is all kittens and Sunshine, and Simon is trying to rain on everyone’s parade claiming it was a 6 1/2 out of 10.  Simon can kiss my ass.  Cook rocked it!

Arch: Take 2 – “In the Moment”  Again with the downer!  Ugh.  Guess it’s kinda obvious I’m more of a rocker huh?  At least I am right now, my taste in music varies almost by the hour. Randy says he could sing the phone book, Paula craps a rainbow, and Simon says that despite the egotistical lyric, round 2 to the Arch.  You know what, suck it Cowell.  Cook rocks.

Webber I think that is, says they both have to sing as if it’s their last night on the show – uhh… cuz it’s the finale!  Duh!

Cook: Take 3 – “The World I Know” It was good.  Simon pulls his pants down and just craps all over Cook.  Ugh.

Dude!  Hancock looks like a fun movie.  I love me some Will Smith.  Yum!  *S*

Arch: Take 3 – “Imagine”  UGH!  Again witht he slow ballad-y downers!  AHHH!  Wow.  he hit the note, let’s all cheer enthusiastically.  Yes, I feel very sarcastic right now.  With that last judgment against Cook, it’s clear to me that this kid is our winner no matter what.  “take my hand and join us, and the world will live as one.”  weep weep  sob sob…  touchy feel crap.  Nope.  I can’t even pretend to like this.  Randy all but admits that this Dave V Dave was planned.  Paula is her usual.  Simon says Arch is the “stahr” of the night, and perpetuates the boxing crap by saying Archie knocked ’em out.

Call me a cynic, but it’s clear to me that TPTB (The Powers That Be) wants Arch to win.  For the first time ever in Idol history, I’ve cast a vote. Yes, I know, all this time and I’ve never voted.  Honestly, I think the whole thing is rigged.  It’s a fun watch, but it’s rigged.  Cook so deserves this.  He did not deserve the massive dump Cowell laid on him.

On the plus side, Cook will lose tomorrow, and then will probably have a bigger career then Arch because of being able to get out from under the 19 thumb early.

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  1. Dayna says:

    I really think Cook deserves to win. He rocks the house AND plays the guitar. I agree with Arch’s songs being downers. Cook was so right on when he said that he wanted to do something that he hadn’t done before…take that Arch. I must admit that I’ve been sick of the “sweet little boy” act-that would be cute for an 8 year old, but c’mon! He acts softer than butter in the oven. Whatever the outcome, we’ll be hearing a lot more from Cook!

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