LOST on the Fringe

I just watched both the pilot episode of Fringe, and the second show.  Wow.  This show is good, but then, I would expect nothing less of JJ Abrams.  But After watching both episodes, I find myself wonderring…

What if Fringe is an extension of LOST?

Really, the whole idea of “fringe science”, well, it sounds alot like what the Dharma folks were into.  The big company Massive Dynamic…  Seems like The Hanso Foundation, only more commercial, less “altrustic”.

Plus, Matthew Abbadon is running the show on Fringe, only his name is Phillip Broyles.  But since when is anything on LOST what it seems? and who says Broyles is his real name?  Is it possilbe that he’s working both sides of the fence?  (Obviously the actor is, but what if the shows were tied together this way?)

Obviously this show, Fringe, is a battle between Good and Evil, but Good spent the last 17 years in a mental institution and is slightly unstable now.  Plus the company, Massive Dynamic, isn’t going to be all evil, there will be many shades of gray making us wonder just whose side are they on anyway?

And how many out there think the “medical history” of Peter that Dr. Bishop alluded to, is that Peter is actually his clone, not his son?  That Peter is the result of one of Bishop’s experiments, an experiment that went right for a change.

Whatever, this is certainly worth another look next week.  I just have to remember to set the DVR for House @ 8, and Fringe @ 9.

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