AI is back

American Idol is back, and so is JD!!  Ya’ll have got to head over there and check out his review.

Personally, I’m tired of the stupid fame-seekers looking for 5 minutes off a bad audition.  Oh, and may I just say, I totally agreed with Kara about the lack of “swing” or emotion coming from BikiniGirl.  I hate that such a young girl, with a fairly decent voice, felt she needed to use her body to sell her voice.  That’s just sad.  I think Blind Guy will do awesome IF he can make it through the group portion of HollyWierd Hell Week. Hopefully he gets paired up with some understanding guys, like Sensitive Roughneck, who will work with him to make it work.

Now go check out JD’s full review!  it’s teh awesome!

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