Hollywood week.

Seacrest starts the show by saying “there can be only one.”  What are we on highlander now?  Will the contestants be handed swords and told to behead the competition?  That might raise the ratings.

Loved the pierced guy who sings Ray Boltz “The Anchor Holds”… Well, until he has a breakdown on stage. *sigh*

Rose really picked a good song for her time at bat in Hollywood.  She was nervous, so she sang “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay”.  It was good, because her nerves served to put more emotion into the performance.

Dude, the guy with the alter ego…  No.  He gets laughs because everyone figures he won’t get through.

OO!  Blind guy got through.  they didn’t give him any airtime, but, he’s got talent.  I hope he gets a friendly bunch on Group Sing day…  someone who will work with his vision impairments.

I disagree with Paula.  I don’t think the guy who just lost his wife is ready for this.  I think he sounded shaky.  I think he needs time to grieve his wife.  Next year he would probably rock this show.  This year…  I will be surprised if he doesn’t wind up having a break down on stage one week.

Tomorrow is Group Nite!  Should be fun.