There goes my heart.

There goes my heart

Here comes goodbye, here comes the last time
Here comes the start of every sleepless night
The first of every tear I’m gonna cry
Here comes the pain, Here comes me wishing things would never change
And *he was right here in my arms tonight, but here comes goodbye.
-Rascall Flatts, “Here Comes Goodbye”

One last hug

We miss him already.  But, in the words of the great Gloria Gaynor, we will survive.  The time will fly, and before long he will back here with us.

I love this man.


  1. pianogirl88 says:

    Sending big hugs to you, with lots of prayers for everyone during the time your DH is serving his Country! I appreciate what he does, as well as what you do at home holding it all together!

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