Joyful 5

Just a quick 5 things b4 I head to bed..

  1. Good friends. Had a blast with HeadNurse & her kids today.
  2. Hostess Chocolate Cupcakes
  3. Bubble Bath
  4. Email – my lifeline right now.
  5. – for getting my copy of Twilight delivered right on time. Dude.

That’s it for me, what about you?


  1. DH says:

    1. God – is a given
    2. My Wife – thanx for the support and luv
    3. My Kids – I luv an miss them
    4. My Wife – a smart woman, I’m proud of her an my SUPERHERO…!
    5. Computers – Email is definately my lifeline rite nao..!

    thts it for me, I luv u mi amor…! 🙂

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